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The EPIC 20 Year Infographic

EPIC Systems, Inc. is celebrating twenty years of engineering and manufacturing innovation. Founded as an automation consulting and design engineering company in 1995, EPIC has grown to almost 70 employees. Specializing in solutions for manufacturing plants, EPIC’s highly skilled engineers, craftsmen and designers provide turnkey solutions to manufacturers around the US and the world.

This infographic represents the adversity and accomplishments made company wide and by individuals that have given EPIC  success and honorable name that it holds today.


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One Response to The EPIC 20 Year Infographic

  1. Lucy Sullivan September 15, 2015 at 9:45 am #

    Congratulations to EPIC on your 20 years of business, and better yet the 20 years of success! This is a great infographic to that shows the hurdles you have had to overcome. You should share this on your social networks!

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