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Sales Call Handling

Research company before calling them (if lead came through contact form). Research technology before calling company (if lead came through contact form. Open up lead in the SLT before making call. Return call promptly. Ask if it’s a good time to talk. Ask client to describe their application. Ask good questions. This is selling, by the way! Enter application and commercial notes directly into the SLT during the call. Be patient and make sure client has exhaustively discussed his application. Reinforce that we are a great fit for his project (if we are). Respectfully ask qualifying commercial questions.

  • Is the project funded?
  • Where in the funding cycle is this project?
  • What is the customer’s source for the project funding?
  • Are you talking to a commercial decision maker?
  • Will this project require a formal (multiple) bidder process?
  • Do the customer’s T&Cs include onerous or unfair conditions?
  • Is there enough information available to asscess EPIC’s commercial risk on the project?

Analyze red flags

  • Gmail address.
  • Company website doesn’t exist.
  • Company website looks janky.
  • Trying to secure funding from investors.
  • Not currently in company’s budget.
  • What client wants to do doesn’t even seem possible.
  • Client very difficult to understand.
  • Client seems illogical.
  • Can’t talk to decision maker.
  • Multiple bidders.
  • Doesn’t feel like it will be a peer-to-peer relationship.
  • Client doesn’t understand his own technology.
  • Client wants us to do significant work for free.
  • Client doesn’t ask good questions.
  • Client can’t answer questions you think he should know the answer to.
  • Project is too risky.
  • Client wants us to own all risk.
  • Cannot get client to understand the difference between fundamental technology risk and execution risk.

Decide if we want to pursue the project. If we do…. Pregnant pause…. Now what? Explain how we approach this type of project.

  • Sign NDA.
  • Conduct lengthy session via telecon or meeting in St. Louis to fully extract project specifications and define scope boundaries.
  • Introduce the concept of Front End Engineering.
    • Main deliverables
      • What will I get?
        • Base P&ID’s
        • Equipment list
      • How much will it cost?
        • Fixed bid quotation (Can break out sections if requested.)
      • How quickly can you complete the project?
        • Base project schedule with critical path defined.

Why do it?

  • Guarantee success on your project.
  • Raise the probability that the system will work as hoped.
  • Avoid going back to management for additional funds due to scope additions or gray area oversights.
  • It is actually engineering that needs to be done if you are serious about doing this project.
  • To the extent that FEE is done, that will be reflected in the price of the project quotation.
  • Investors will require that it be done.
  • Modest cost. Typically 1% of total job.

Client either will or won’t entertain this approach at this point. If he is open to FEE, he will usually ask that a ROM estimate be given first. Tell client you will send him ROM and FEE proposal on <day, date>. Conclude call by summarizing action items and next steps.

  • His (give him homework)
    • Send NDA.
    • Send pictures.
    • Send videos.
    • Send drawings.
    • Send technical info.
    • Send sample to lab for analysis.
  • Ours
    • Set up telecon to fully extract project specs and scope boundaries.
    • Set up telecon presentation.
    • Set up visit to EPIC.
    • Send (ROM and) FEE proposal.
    • Send (ROM and) FEE proposal.
    • Send list of references.

Send follow up email immediately after call so that he has your direct contact information. Include the following as appropriate.

  • Summary of action items
  • Webpage links
  • Case studies
  • Video links
  • Pictures

Fill in all notes in SLT right away, before closing lead.

  • Value & probability
  • Commercial stage
  • Client objections
  • Next action required!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Must be specific and crystal clear
  • Action statements have verbs
  • Next action required date

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