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EPIC Listed Among the Top Places to Work in St. Louis


EPIC Systems recently ranked 16th among St. Louis area small businesses. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch and Workplace Dynamics joined together to find the top places to work in St. Louis. Businesses were chosen by the results of a survey given to employees at each company.

John Schott, President of EPIC, was honored to be listed among the top workplaces in St. Louis. “This is one of our proudest achievements. We place an emphasis on the culture of our company, and this validates the work we do to be the best place to work. We strive to be the best in business and to get better every year.”  The St. Louis Post Dispatch survey evaluates whether the company is likely to succeed in the long term and how employees feel about their day-to-day job. According to the results, EPIC’s employees have a positive outlook on the company’s future and their everyday workplace experience.

“EPIC is great place to work and a company that is going in the right direction. I am proud to be an employee of EPIC, and I am grateful to have a job where I am doing something meaningful for manufacturing & America,” said Maria Holt, EPIC Employee.

EPIC also ranked above average in comparison to six other engineering companies in the execution category. Schott was proud to learn that EPIC is above average in execution. His goal is to reduce the bureaucracy and empower every employee to make decisions and move projects forward. Schott believes this is the way to “Do It Better” when running a business.

Schott’s philosophy on how to “Do It Better” in the work place seems to be effective. The comments below exemplify why EPIC was placed among St. Louis’ top workplaces.

What impresses you most about the values and ethics of EPIC Systems?

“EPIC System’s personnel value the success of their clients. The Golden Rule is at work here.” – EPIC Employee

What impresses you most about how EPIC Systems does things efficiently and well?

“EPIC spares no cost in making sure we have the tools needed to succeed. The organization supports its personnel and treats everyone fairly.” – EPIC Employee

I love my job because:

“I am empowered to make decisions, and I am not micro-managed. I have the flexibility to manage my team with strong support from my boss. I feel valued and respected.” – EPIC Employee

“I am given the trust to be responsible for my projects and the latitude to speak my mind. I am encouraged to grow, and I feel that what I do is important to the company.” – EPIC Employee

“I love the people I work with and work for. It is the best place I’ve worked due to the teamwork and talent of the people around me.” – EPIC Employee


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