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Pilot Plant Design & Fabrication

EPIC designs and builds modular pilot plant skids and systems that prove full-scale production levels through expertly placed instrumentation and testing stations. Unlike other pilot plant manufacturers, our expert engineering team can help you both design your modules and ensure quality fabrication and assembly, all under one roof. We provide expert process, mechanical, and control system design. Contact an engineer today to start designing your custom pilot skid.

Proven Pilot Plant Design: Case Study

Two Phase Batch Reaction-to-Distillation Pilot Plant

alternative fuel pilot plantArgo Genesis partnered with EPIC to take a newly formulated asphalt additive and scale it to a set of pilot plants. EPIC worked with lab data and the client’s knowledge of the process to design and fabricate a two-phase batch-reaction-to-distillation processing plant. The final pilot module serves as a test plant for R&D bio-polymer development at Iowa State University.

Key features: Two phase batch reaction-to-distillation system, technology scale-up, bio-polymer processing system

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Chemical Pilot Plants web distillation system design plant shipment 3D Model of Batch Mixing System flavor blending skid

Client Testimonial

“We were impressed with the professionalism and dedication of EPIC Systems’ entire organization, from the shop floor to their management team. Throughout the entire project, their team communicated with clarity and transparency. This was especially important to us as this pilot plant project was a first-of-its-kind for Akermin. Project scope changes were handled quickly and equitably. I would return to EPIC for future projects and I recommend their project management expertise to other organizations requiring a turnkey contractor for pilot plant design, fabrication, and commissioning.” – Bob M., Director, Engineering Operations at Akermin, Inc.

Design of Pilot Plants

Successful design that provides meaningful data and proves long-term viability, requires process scale-up expertise. Our chemical engineers will take your data and walk your technology through this process, returning material balances, process operating parameters and an optimized pilot skid design. We complete the following steps:

Going from a smaller scale to a pilot plant is a non-linear design problem. Scale-up factors that must be balanced, include:

  • Reaction kinetics
  • Chemical equilibrium
  • Material properties
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Equipment selection
  • Agitation issues
  • Utilities draw

We use a variety of modeling methods and studies to thoroughly test and optimize design. Common methods include chemical similitude studies, mathematical modeling, process modeling (in Aspen Plus or Aspen HYSYS), CFD analysis, and FEA analysis. Contact an engineer today to start designing your system.

Next Steps: Scaling Your Process Technology to a Turnkey Pilot Plant

EPIC utilizes your process technology and our chemical and mechanical engineering expertise to scale up the most efficient pilot plant for your needs. We are experienced at fully extracting your technical, operational and commercial specifications and creating the right timeline for you. We are a rare pilot plant engineering company with in-house process fabrication and experienced craftsmen. We offer expertise in process capabilities, scale-up, and modular design/build that will help you make your process better. Our complete modular process plants go through five main steps to completion:

  • Step 1: Contact an Engineer 314-714-1580 to start discussing the specifics of your project
  • Step 2: Meet with our team to complete Front-End Engineering, to ensure the proper steps are taken during pilot plant design and build
  • Step 3: Receive detailed design documents to review, once EPIC’s experts have selected equipment and finished 3D modeling/simulation.
  • Step 4: Controls engineering begins for your system, with completion during system assembly
  • Step 5: Modular design/fabrication completion. Our approach reduces traditional downtime through parallel construction, resulting in cost-savings, increased safety and faster project delivery. Learn more about the benefits of modular design…
    • We maintain an open door client policy to promote innovation and communication. We invite clients to visit EPIC throughout project design and construction stages
  • Step 6: Full FAT testing at EPIC’s shop, with completed pilot skids shipped to your facility for installation.
  • Step 7: Installation and start-up (commissioning) at your facility, with minimal interruption to existing operations. Our team imparts a transfer of knowledge, not just basic training, for the systems and equipment we provide

pilot plant manufacturersModular Pilot Plant Design Advantage

Modular pilot plant companies, with design & fabrication under one roof, provide the following advantages:

  • Better access to testing equipment and instrumentation
  • Space savings in your plant or research facility
  • Shorter build time and higher quality construction
  • Portability – pilot plants are easily portable to new locations

Using our modular approach, EPIC’s engineers develop the fastest time-to-market, most capital-efficient pilot-scale equipment for process manufacturing. Learn more about the advantages of modular pilot plants, or contact one of our process experts today to start developing your custom module.

For a better solution, contact EPIC today.

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