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James Owen Wins the EPIC Way Award

schott-and-owen-134v2_webST. LOUIS, MOEPIC Systems, Inc. has announced James Owen as the 2013 winner of “The EPIC Way Award”.  The EPIC Way Award is an annual honor given in recognition of the individual who best exemplifies the spirit and values upon which EPIC Systems was founded.

Owen was presented a crystal engraved award at the annual company meeting on February 8th, 2013. As the recipient of the honor, he also received a trip to South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya.

Owen enjoys photography as a hobby and was excited for the opportunity. His trip included several safaris and a visit to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Owen took several amazing pictures during the trip, and shared them in a recent EPIC Blog Post.  He is in constant quest for the perfect photographic moments.

“I was surprised to be given the award this year and I was humbled by the honor,” said Owen. This was not a surprise to EPIC’s president, John Schott, who asked each of the managers who we thought should receive the award. “They each weighed in and John made the final decision. So of course I was surprised when he announced my name and very grateful.”

As one of the original EPIC employees, James has been instrumental in EPIC’s expansion.

“I have been at EPIC 16 years this year. It is amazing to think how much we have grown in that amount of time. Even people who have been here 3 to 5 years have seen expansion and growth, and the people who have been here 10 years or more have seen EPIC grow from 10 employees to 50 plus,” said Owen.

Schott mentioned that this year the choice was clear.

“With James, you can see the effort he has put into everything around him. His selfless decisions show that this job is more than a paycheck and that is how James has always been,” Schott said.  “Everyone can see that EPIC means something to him, and that is the example I want everyone to strive for.”

His management style sets him apart, according to Schott.

“James has it all.  He’s great with customers and has the technical and commercial skills to succeed.  For a company to be healthy in the long run, you must make tough decisions.  James can make those calls, and he makes people feel valuable in the company,” Schott concluded.  “I know he will handle every situation the right way.”

James Owen was recently promoted to the position of General Manager of EPIC Systems. In January of 2006, he became a Group Manager for the Process and Mechanical division, and in November of 2012, he moved to the newly created position of General Manager.  In his current role he manages and oversees all operational tasks pertaining to the execution of awarded projects.

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