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Ion Exchange Pilot Plant Designed by EPIC Modular Process Systems

EPIC Modular Process Systems Inc. announces the release of a custom modular ion exchange chemical pilot plant for a top agricultural products company. The project also included piping, instrumentation, design, fabrication, installation and start-up in a compact project schedule.

EPIC worked around the agricultural products company’s non-disclosure of the proprietary chemical technology. A sequence of operations was provided with specification for flexible design and build changes throughout the process. EPIC’s process and mechanical engineers, as well as EPIC’s Automation Controls and Instrumentation engineers successfully designed the base system and upgraded the client process from R&D to commercialized pilot plant.

The ion exchange process was kept proprietary by the client, but EPIC created the base system that will serve as the intermediate step before a large, industrial, international process plant is built using this technology. EPIC custom designed customer access points for maintaining equipment and obtaining samples, necessary for the client to collect data for the larger industrial scale operation.

EPIC saved the client time and money. The modular fabrication approach to process systems has many advantages, including reduced cost, higher quality construction, faster time to market, improved safety and less resource requirements, among others. The pilot plant had a successful 12-18 month run-time before the process was converted to industrial.

ABOUT EPIC SYSTEMS: Founded in 1995, EPIC Systems, Inc. is a leading multi discipline engineering and fabrication firm that provides project automation solutions for modular process plants and systemspackaging and assembly line integration and advanced machine vision system integration.

To learn more about EPIC, visit the website at or contact them today for an engineering evaluation of your application.

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