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Moving Forward – EPIC Systems Unveils New Brand Strategy & Web Sites

ST. LOUIS, MO. (August 23, 2010) – EPIC Systems, Inc. has launched a new brand strategy to increase awareness and understanding about the positive change that engineered-innovation brings to the manufacturing industry. Short for Electrical, Process, Instrumentation and Controls Systems, EPIC has the in-house capacity to custom-design and fabricate automated machinery and systems that can help overcome many of the challenges facing domestic manufacturers today.

To improve the nation’s manufacturing competitiveness and overall economy, the new brand strategy communicates EPIC’s ability to provide the advanced engineering services that will move the industry into the future. Understanding that the economy is still slow to recover from the recession, EPIC’s brand strategy aims to rise above the negative buzz about American manufacturing to communicate the need to simply move forward.

With the new framework, the company will extend its reach into vertical markets to showcase its turnkey capabilities with process system design and fabrication, production line integration, and custom machinery design along with automated machine vision solutions.

The new brand strategy – the result of a year of analysis and research – will be introduced this week at a company event where EPIC Systems will unveil a new, more forward-looking logo that reflects the drive and domestic pride that fuels the organization and an agenda that focuses resources on 5 core areas: EPIC Systems, Inc., EPIC Modular Process Systems, EPIC Line Integration and EPIC Machine Vision.

The team at EPIC has already begun the transition to the new brand and each individual engineer will work with existing clients across the country to help them understand and identify the transition with the new brand.

“This is a very significant and exciting time for EPIC Systems,” said John Schott, president and CEO of EPIC Systems, Incorporated. “For 15 years, we’ve focused on making things happen for manufactures, no matter how challenging the task or job may be. Our commitment to Moving American Manufacturing Forward is testament to our ongoing effort to discover innovation that will help domestic producers stay competitive. We stand behind the important work we do as it will enable us to further strengthen the manufacturing base across the country.”

As part of EPIC’s evaluation of manufacturers’ needs, the organization evaluated many of the pressing issues and challenges facing their clients and prospective clients today. Key findings revealed that many manufacturers have individual needs pinpointed but that in order for those needs to be addressed they must be further explored by utilizing external engineering resources. These external resources provide a fresh perspective on how to solve problems in production or process.

Others expressed the desire to investigate new processes and technologies to achieve efficiency and were unsure as to whether or not a firm existed that would aid them in this type of extensive research. When asked about what the future holds for quality and quantity of production, many noted specific bottlenecks or barriers that were impeding efficiency.

“Manufacturers are concerned about the problems facing their production processes,” said Anna Lahey, Marketing Coordinator at EPIC Systems, Inc. “They’re looking for a partner and as that partner, EPIC understands change will happen if and only if the industry works together to improve efficiency, innovate new technologies and explore ways to improve domestic manufacturing processes as well as develop better approaches to project completion.

The new brand strategy taps into manufacturer’s overall mindset and strong desire to get past the barriers and simply move forward with their production objectives. Our hope is that manufacturers on a national basis are able to identify with the desire to implement efficient solutions to overcome the issues that have long-since plagued American manufacturing. From a broader economic standpoint, we’d like them to view EPIC Systems as a partner with the ability to keep their plants up and running into the future.”

“We are changing the way we talk about ourselves so that our target audiences better understand what we offer and what we can do for them. We are simplifying how we describe our approach to entire projects along with our more granular sub-approaches, such as modular design/fabrication, controls automation and plant construction management. We are explicitly identifying the types of systems and machinery we offer so that it is immediately apparent that everything we do, from design to complete automation and on-site installation, is integrated into each and every custom application from EPIC.”

EPIC’s former logo had been in place since 1997 and was the company’s second since its founding. The recharged logo, with its nationalistic color options and fresh, up to date look better reflects the motivating factors behind EPIC and the loyalty to the industries it serves. The new logo’s vigorous and driven shape symbolizes EPIC’s strong commitment to Moving American Manufacturing Forward.

EPIC Systems, Inc.

EPIC Systems, Inc. is a multi-discipline engineering firm that specializes in process engineering, controls and mechanical engineering for manufacturing. With experience across design, construction and controls automation, EPIC’s engineers use a design-build project approach and modular fabrication for custom machinery, process plants, integrated production lines and machine vision systems. EPIC provides for clients, the highest-quality and most comprehensive solutions to meet the changing demands of modern manufacturing. EPIC Systems is optimistic about the future of manufacturing and is committed to Moving American Manufacturing Forward. Learn more at

Editor’s Note: This new brand announcement represents a transition in the correct way to refer to the company in writing. “EPIC Systems, Inc.” should be used whenever referring to the collective organization. “EPIC” should be in all upper case regardless of where it is used in a sentence. “EPIC” is also an acceptable reference and can be used when referring to a specific branch of the company or in shortened conversational text. i.e., “The engineers at EPIC Custom Machines or The Inline Blending System from EPIC.”

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