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EPIC Systems, Inc. Hires Process Development Engineer

AbduljabbarSt. Louis M0 (6/8/15) – EPIC Systems, Inc. has announced the hiring of Chris Abduljabbar as Process Development Engineer. Abduljabbar received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering & Industrial Unit Operations, a Master of Biochemical Engineering and his PHD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Technology in Baghdad.

Abduljabbar has a background in unit operations design. His has further experience with HYSYS & Aspen Plus Simulation, HTRI & EDR (Heat Exchanger Design), FEED & Feasibility Studies and also capital project implementation. He has worked for over 10 years designing and implementing full distillation columns as a Process Engineer. Additionally, Chris has experience designing processing lines for highly viscous liquids.

Abdujabbar’s primary role at EPIC includes working with new customers on developing project scope and using his process knowledge to develop firm accurate project quotations. He specialized in project forecasting in letting the client and EPIC become aware of the unknowns and direction of a possible process system. Also, one of his primary roles is design of potential distillation systems.

ABOUT EPIC SYSTEMS: EPIC Systems, Inc. is a design and build firm with expertise in a wide range of engineering functions including machine vision, packaging lines and custom machines. Machine vision systems are used to examine, verify and enhance quality and efficiency for a variety of applications.

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