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Deodorant Process Plant Conversion Designed by EPIC Modular Process Systems

Deodorant Process Plant Conversion Designed by EPIC Modular Process Systems

EPIC Modular Process Systems Inc. announces the release of a full process plant conversion of a deodorant manufacturing facility. EPIC won the competitive bid on the process system development due to an innovative project engineering system.

EPIC’s engineers re-worked the original design to eliminate unnecessary scope and outdated technologies while recommending the use of load-cell technology in the batch-mixing process. EPIC took over the project after it was two months behind schedule.

The company managed the entire project from the design stage through the final startup. EPIC’s project engineering system included a modular approach that completed the project on time and within budget. Modular process system fabrication required less manpower, saved time without weather delays, and completed the project on the aggressive timeline. This was critical due to the high labor costs in the area & difficult winter working conditions.

EPIC also managed equipment purchasing and entire project fabrication, which guaranteed a faster completion date. Relocation of the packaging line equipment, shipping to the job site, installation, validation and startup were also handled by EPIC.

The impact of EPIC’s value engineering approach in this project was vast. The client saved $8-10 million in cost. Several months of build time was eliminated, the project stayed under-fixed bid price and avoided short shipping and reduced client risk by significantly reducing required labor and exposure hours in the field.

ABOUT EPIC SYSTEMS: Founded in 1995, EPIC Systems, Inc. is a leading multi-discipline engineering and fabrication firm that provides project automation solutions for modular process plants and systemspackaging and assembly line integration and advanced machine vision system integration.

To learn more about EPIC, visit the website at or contact them today for an engineering evaluation of your application.

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