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Denny Lutker: 2014 “EPIC Way Award” Winner

ST. LOUIS, MO – EPIC Systems, Inc. has announced Denny Lutker as the 2014 winner of “The EPIC Way Award.”  The seventh annual EPIC Way Award is an honor given in recognition to the employee who best exemplifies the spirit and values upon which EPIC Systems was founded.

Lutker was presented a crystal engraved award at the annual company meeting on January 24th, 2014. As the recipient of the honor, he also receives a free $5,000 trip from EPIC Systems.

“This surprised me,” said Lutker.  “All I can say is thank you guys. The people that I work with, they are the only reason I got this because we help each other and we all work together,” he explained.

“This award is about the EPIC Way and Denny exemplifies what that means,” said EPIC’s President, John Schott. “He’s good at what he does, reliable, gets his job done without complaint, is always willing to help and genuinely cares about his co-workers.”

“Denny winning the award means something to the people at our company and I feel blessed to have him here.  Numerous people commented to me after the awards ceremony what a great choice Denny is. Everyone is proud and happy to have Denny with us at EPIC Systems and this is well deserved,” Schott explained.

ABOUT EPIC SYSTEMS:  EPIC is a design, build and integration firm with over fifteen years of modular process system fabrication and packaging line automation experience. Founded in 1995, EPIC Systems, Inc. is an experienced multi-disciplined engineering and fabrication firm. EPIC Systems is located in St. Louis, MO USA. To learn more about EPIC, visit the website at or contact them today for an engineering evaluation of your application.

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