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Sanitary MP Winter ’14/Spring ’15

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Bringing Manufacturing Back: New St. Louis Food Plant Takes Over Old Ford Factory

International Food Products is building a new 227,500 square fointernational-foodsot industrial plant that combines a distribution center with R&D operations at the site of the old Ford Motors Plant in Hazelwood, MO. The new facility includes liquid processing systems and several semi-automated packaging lines. These systems were designed, built and installed by EPIC. See full story here…


Customer Modular Process Design – Combining Safety with Sustainability

With a laundry list of requirements, can a custom modular process system be completed in a matter of three weeks? Pre-fit specs, space limitations, different chemical formulas and then some. Custom design could be the fast track solution for modular process success. Read more here…

PLC5 to ControlLogix ConversionPLC5-ControlLogix

HMI is a resource in the manufacturing industry that is vital to automating production or taking it to a new level. The PLC5 control platform will be discontinued in 2015. Before you know it, the parts that you need to maintain your current HMI system will disappear before your eyes. Converting to ControlLogix is the answer. Read more on ControlLogix…


Eight Tips for Maintenance Efficiencymaintenance-efficiency

Wringing every drop of efficiency out of equipment is crucial to profitability. Unplanned line stoppages or processing delays can result in scrap or spoilage of high cost ingredients or products. Here are eight tips to keep your equipment properly maintained and running smoothly.




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