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Sanitary MP Winter ’13/Spring ’14

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Modular Process Skid Design: A Growing Trendprocess-skid-design

Modular process skid design is steadily gaining traction as an efficient alternative to stick-built construction. In a recent article, Chemical Engineering brought attention to this growing trends, sighting some of the advantages that modular skid design brings to the market. Read more about this growing trend…

The Effects an Experience Designer Can Have on Process Skid Design

Starting with the initial meeting with the client, through fabrication and installation, all steps of the project are intertwined. The success of each stage hinges upon its predecessor. The process skid design phase of the project is one of those critical stages that has a trickle-down effect on the remainder of the project. Read more…

Batch Mixing ControlsTrue Batch Controls Provide Flexibility for 100+ Evolving Formulations

A Fortune 500 company in the automotive components industry needed multiple industrial chemical mixing systems automated in their new facility. These chemical mixing systems create dips for automotive components. This project included a multi-stage batch mixing system featuring 100+ recipes, a true batch control system integrated with Wnderware InBatch Software, a Class 1, Group D, Division 1 hazardous area and dual continuous process systems and various batch mixing systems. Read the full case study…

Ask an Engineer: Should I Install Remote Access?

Question: Should I add remote access to my blending operations for my automation provider? They keep telling me it will save me money in the long run but I’m not convinced it’s safe. Click hear to read the answer from Jason Baron, Automation Engineer…

EPIC Systems Continues GHS Training

Safety is something we take seriously here at EPIC Systems. Paul Kirksey, Quality and EH&S Manager, is going through the latest GHS Training. The Global Harmonized System (GHS) is a world-wide effort by the United Nations to standardize chemical handling safety. GHS is being implemented as the new standard for manufacturers world-wide, with uniform labels and safety data sheets. Read more…

JohnchococakeMy Mom, Domestic Process Technologist

There is so much more to making a perfect cake than having the right ingredients. For starters, how much of each ingredient do you need? In what order do you need to add the ingredients? How long do you whip the eggs or stir the batter? What temperature/time combination produces the perfect moistness? These are things JoAnn (my mother) figured out that I have not. Like JoAnn, our clients know their secret recipe. It’s what we refer to in the business as the process technology. Read more…

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