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Sanitary MP Summer/Fall ’13

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Batch Mixing SystemMixing System Design Allows Client to Be First to Market with New Product

A Fortune 500 consumer products company was in need of a new laundry detergent product line with formula change and packaging upgrade. This project also included a raw materials pre-mix skid, full mixing skid and process/packaging integration. This project had a condensed two-month timeline from first purchase order to completed commissioning. Read the full case study…

Oil-Free Air and Energy Recovery: A Must For Food Manufacturers

Compressed air is a critical component in many manufacturing processes. It is often referred to as the fourth utility, beside electricity, gas and water, because it is used to power applications throughout the manufacturing process. In food manufacturing, compressed air is used in processes such as ingredient mixing, pneumatic conveyance and packaging, among others. Read more…

Advantages to Modular InfographicAdvantages of Modular Infographic

Would you like your process system to be built faster? Or take up less space in your plant? Would you like to shave a month off your project schedule? These are a few of the advantages that modular process system design holds over traditional process design. View the infographic to see more advantages to this modern approach to process design.

White Mountain Process Announces Sanitary Autoclave Style Pharmaceutical Agitator

White Mountain Process, located in Massachusetts, introduces its Bio Mixer Agitator, the innovative, autoclave-style mixer that allows the container and mixing apparatus to be sterilized at the same time without disassembly of the mixing apparatus. Read more…

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