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Sanitary MP Summer/Fall 2012

8 Steps to Debug Your Process Control System

From this month’s installment of Plant Engineering, we’ve consolidated this eight-step plan to help you to discover and debug your process control system which can be developed and applied as time goes by. Starting with nothing more than a pencil and paper and with the help of some commonly available tools, you’ll gain the right focus on a single system or process. Read more..

The Process of Designing and Building a Sanitary Modular Plant:

Portable Modular Batching System Improves Changeover Time for Cosmetics Plant

A consumer products company approached EPIC Systems with the need to reduce changeover time on a makeup dosing line with portable parts. A portable skid with a pump and heating capacity receive a solid state makeup product. The tank uses a custom motorized system to rise to the correct height for filling. Read more…

On the Silly Side: The HAZCOM Song

Get Started

Are you ready to get started with your modular process project? Contact an engineer today 314-714-1580. At EPIC you will be put in direct contact with a project engineer who will help you get started...

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