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Process Winter ’13/Spring ’14

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PLC Controls IntegrationPLC Controls to the Rescue

Do you want tighter control of your production lines, but can’t afford to install a controller for every line? Wish you could gather more data on your manufacturing process or integrate remote process data with on-site real-time feedback? PLC controls, combined with real-time Ethernet, networking, and distributed controls are breaking down barriers and increasing your possibilities. Read more…

U.S. Manufacturing History Infographic

$1.87 trillion, that’s how much manufacturing contributed to US economy in 2012. Manufacturing is the backbone of the United States, and something our nation was built on. As a system integrator, we work with manufacturers everyday and are impressed by their can-do spirit & dedication to constant improvement. View infographic…

Packaging LineSemi-Automated Bottling Line Brings Flexibility with Reduced Cost

A Fortune 500 consumer products company was in need of a budget friendly bottling line that would be able to handle a range of bottles from sample size to refill size.This new line would bring contract manufacturing products in-house, complimenting existing high speed lines with a flexible low-speed line able to expand to bottle size offerings. Read about the core challenges faced during this project and how they were overcome by clicking here…

Don’t Let Your System Integrator Hold You Hostage: Do It Better

Can you modify all your automation programs? Do you have the engineering drawings for everything on your manufacturing floor? Unfortunately for most manufacturer’s, the answer to one or both of these questions is “no.” Read more…

sheet-metal-blog Keeping it Simple: Cost-effective Sheet Metal Design

Even the best craftsman can only be as accurate as his measuring tape. With the advance of technologies like water-jet cutting, there is now a better way to design custom machines and parts to help craftsmen produce a higher quality machine in less time. Read more…

A Standout Job: High Speed Bottling Line

Problem: The clients’ high-speed bottling line is not equipped to handle the new bottle and nozzle shape. High-speed filling rates must be maintained for the newly designed bottle to be a success for the company. EPIC Solution: A custom automated high-speed bottling line, designed for the unique shape of the bottles & nozzles that meets the end user’s strenuous expectations. Read more…

EPIC Systems Continues GHS Training

Safety is something we take seriously here at EPIC Systems. Paul Kirksey, Quality and EH&S Manager, is going through the latest GHS Training. The Global Harmonized System (GHS) is a world-wide effort by the United Nations to standardize chemical handling safety. GHS is being implemented as the new standard for manufacturers world-wide, with uniform labels and safety data sheets. Read more…


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