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Process Winter ’12/Spring ’13

Process Automation

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Mobile Manufacturing: Tablet Takeover

The speed at which we acquire and share information is increasing daily. Consumers across America can access email, check social media profiles and text, all while holding a conversation. Smart phones, tablets and laptops make it easy to share information and to have constant access to it. Manufacturing plant floors are no exception to this trend. While having industrial PC’s or laptops on the factory floor is nothing new, the use of mobile tablets is a new and growing trend. Read more


In October of 2011, Bill Lydon, Editor of wrote an article called “PLC vs. DCS – Competing Process Control Philosophy”. Below we have built a table of the differences he sees between the two controls platforms. Read more…

Enzyme Handling: Top 10 Safety Checklist

Employees must be protected from large amounts of enzymes used in manufacturing. Enzyme use is becoming popular in many manufacturing industries, especially the consumer products and food & beverage industries. While these proteins are safe in small amounts, plants must be proactive in minimizing employee exposure to large amounts of enzymes. Here is a top ten list of safety guidelines that should be followed by all manufacturer’s using enzymes: Read more…

The Perfect Marriage:  A Vision System Proves The Perfect Partner For Drum Filling Line

A clever machine vision solution allows one manufacturer to fully automate a hands free bulk packaging system for a hot-fill chemical. A client approached EPIC with the challenge of improving the efficiency and safety of a 55 gallon drum filling line. The main goal: Automating a system that efficiently tests, fills, and reloads sets of four 55-gallon drums as they come off the delivery truck. Read more…

The Human Element of Automation

Recently, Tube and Pipe Journal published an article called “An Automation Project Is A People Project” which featured an interview of John Schott, President of EPIC Systems, Inc. The article and Mr. Schott emphasize that a project cannot be successful without the people involved. In fact, having the right people involved at the right stage of the project is critical to success. Mr. Schott points to three stages of any project that must include a large amount of human collaboration: Read more…

Practical Enzyme Handling Appraisal Quickly Creates Safe Manufacturing Environment

An enzyme protection study was required to protect employees of a large manufacturer of powedered consumer products. They hired EPIC Systems, Inc. to appraise thier powder blending and supersack filling operations. A thorough examination was performed with practical recommendations put in place to allow the manufacturer to quickly create a safe enzyme handling environment. Read more…

Insta-Panel Control System: EPIC’s First “Product”

When John Schott, P.E. (President of EPIC Systems) was contemplating what EPIC’s first “product” should be, he began by thinking about his experience working in manufacturing plants around St. Louis, MO. He was looking for something that solved a common problem, but that had few simple solutions. Read more…

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