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Process Summer/Fall ’12

8 Steps to Debug Your Process Control System

From this month’s installment of Plant Engineering, we’ve consolidated this eight-step plan to help you to discover and debug your process control system which can be developed and applied as time goes by. Starting with nothing more than a pencil and paper and with the help of some commonly available tools, you’ll gain the right focus on a single system or process. Read more..

Applying the Principles of Automation to Monitor and Control Rising Flood Waters

Located in St. Louis, Missouri, the Earth City Levee is located less than a mile west of the busiest major highway intersection in the entire state of Missouri. Because the levee is located so close to important St. Louis business development, the levee district and computerized control system integrated by EPIC Systems protects over a billion dollars worth of St. Louis development from flooding each year. Read more…

Integrated Bottling Line with Machine Vision Quality Checks Allows Consumer Product to Stand Out

A consumer products company approached EPIC Systems with a challenging project to re-design a packaging line to accommodate a newly re-designed bottle and cap with a unique shape. EPIC designed, integrated and installed the high speed packaging line that sucessfully mates nozzle top to custom bottle bottom, checking every bottle for correct spray nozzle mating with a custom machine vision system. Read more..

Why Breaking Down the Wall Between Process and Packaging is Good

Processing and packaging have long been treated as two different worlds, walled off from each other by the obvious differences in the two functions. However, a growing number of industry professionals contend that, given the demands of today’s business and regulatory environment, this wall has outlived its usefulness. Read more..

Pharmaceutical Grade Soap Company Reduces Costs and Downtime Through Custom Controls Upgrade

A healthcare company approached EPIC Systems with a need to upgrade an existing pail and drum filling line for its pharmaceutical grade products.EPIC completed several packaging line modifications, removed the custom control system and upgraded to an Allen Bradley PLC. A special interface was developed to allow the ABB robotic palletizer to communicate with the packaging line. Read more..

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