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Process Winter ’10Spring ’11

The Top 5 Line Integration Technologies to Watch for in 2011

For manufacturer’s to continue down the road to recovery, they will have to look to new technologies to bring them greater efficiency. Industry experts name the top 5 automation technologies that will be taking manufacturing by storm this year. Read more..

OEE and Downtime Tracking System Improves Plant Operation

These stats help plant personnel identify problems quickly, increase line efficiency,  and can also feed into larger plant management programs, such as an MES. Executives can even remotely view the OEE data feed through a cloud based software set-up. EPIC help one manufacturer achieve total plant efficiency by installing an OEE tracking system. Read More..

The Cost of the Wrong Automation Solution and How to Avoid It

In the current issue of, leading manufacturing journalist Thomas R. Cutler authored a feature article regarding the challenge of Automation Solution Selection Objectivity: The Reason for Hiring a Project Manager. According to Cutler, “The cost of the wrong automation solution in material handling is often upwards of ten million dollars. Material handling professionals are selecting capital equipment with the intent of improving margins and customer satisfaction. Sales of automation and material handling equipment, is dramatically improving.”

Salvaging An Automation Project Gone Wrong: Case Study

What happens when your OEM either can’t or won’t help you integrate your new machinery? This EPIC case study features a client who, after a negative experience with an OEM, looked to EPIC Systems to save the line without having to buy more equipment.  Read more..

Food and Beverage Manufacturer Streamlines Production for 100+ Products into 1 Production and Packaging Line

Relocation of an existing line from another plant was finished first. Firmware upgrades were made to the communication components, before the Allen Bradley PLC control system was upgraded. EPIC minimized downtime by completing the controls upgrades during regular plant operations. The new controls utilized job storage, allowing the client to mix over 100 different recipes on a single batch mixing and packaging line. Read more….

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