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PLC5 to ControlLogix Conversion

HMI is a resource in the manufacturing industry that is vital to automating production or taking it to a new level. The PLC5 control platform will be discontinued in 2015. Before you know it, the parts that you need to maintain your current HMI system will disappear before your eyes.  Converting to ControlLogix is the answer. Read more on ControlLogix…

EPIC’s Engineers Volunteer for Youth Interested in Automation

Robotics team competitionTwo of EPIC’s engineering project managers, Frank McCormack and Roger Seifert, volunteer with local youth interested in engineering and automation. Seifert mentors a high school FIRST robotic team that is sponsored in-part by EPIC. Check out our blog on local learning opportunities for STEM minded youth to see pictures of the FIRST team and read more about Frank and Rogers’s individual efforts in this area.

Come Meet Baxter the Robot: Attend EPIC’s 20th Party

Baxter will be attending EPIC’s 20th Celebration on August 28th, where you can come meet him. Baxter is expert at handling low volume, high mix production jobs, and an affordable alternative to outsourced labor and fixed automation. HTE Technologies will be showcasing Baxter at EPIC’s 20th Celebration on August 28th. The party runs from 11a – 9p and includes local foods for lunch and dinner, live bands and much more. RSVP today.

Automated Pilot Plant for Development of New Bio-Polymer Technology

two-phase-batch-to-distillation-pilot-plantEPIC recently designed, built and automated a two-phase batch reactor and distillation pilot plant system for Argo Genesis and Iowa State University. The module is the fruition of a research project to develop a new, more-affordable set of vegetable-oil based polymers. Argo is an agricultural business that focuses on creating environmentally friendly product for crops. The 500 kilogram/day pilot plant will be dedicated on August 26th at the BioCentry Research Farm on the Iowa State University campus. Read more on this process pilot plant…

System Integrator of the Year Finalist

For the third year in a row, EPIC has been named a finalist for Control Engineering’s “System Integrator of the Year” Award. Industry experts judge this award, which recognizes companies for business skills, technical competence and customer satisfaction. Check out Control Engineering’s System Integrator Hall of Fame to see winners from 2015 and past years.

Longer shelf life, fresher taste, no preservatives – these are the primary advantages to aseptic bottle filling. This technology is catching on quickly for beverage processors and packers. Aseptic packaging is widely used in places like Europe, Asia and South America, but it is just starting to catch on in America. – See more at:

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