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Vision Winter ’13/Spring ’14

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Bottle inspection vision systemClear Crushed Bottle Inspection System

Identifying clear crushed bottles with a camera is a challenge without an experienced integration team. Translucent objects are difficult for camera lenses to “see” and crushed bottles do not take a predictable shape. EPIC solved this challenge for a recent client, with a custom bottle inspection vision system integrated into their existing production line. The system is capable of handling clear, frosted and opaque bottles of varying sizes with a budget friendly solution. Read the full case study…

Machine Vision Sales Up 6%

Total machine vision sales in North America have been on the rise over the last year. In the second quarter of 2013 machine vision sales are up 6% compared to the second quarter of 2012. According to the AIA, the industry’s trade group, the machine vision systems category, which includes ASMV (application specific machine vision) and smart cameras was the main driver for the growth of the industry. Read more…

Your Vision Integrator is using Morphology….It’s not just for the X Men

Despite what you might believe, X-Men aren’t the only ones who can perform morphology. It’s actually a mathematical operation for modifying and classifying objects seen in images. Image morphology, when used by a machine vision integrator, separates touching objects in images, removes noise, and classifies shapes.

There are several morphology algorithms that can be used to accomplish goals within a given machine vision application. Read more…

Photo Source: Packaging World

Photo Source: Packaging World

Machine Vision Processing Made Easy

Every Fanuc robot controller has integrated within it the hardware for vision processing. When you’re dealing with a high-speed application like this, if you get latency in the communication between the vision system and the robot, things can get badly out of synch pretty quickly. With Fanuc’s implementation, all the hardware and software tools needed for vision are right in the robot controller.” Read more…


laser vision inspection systemVision Inspection: Lase Illuminated Camera System for Empty Tote

The client needed to utilize real time vision inspection techniques to verify the absence of previous products from totes before filling plastic totes with different product

Key Engineering Features:

  • Turnkey laser illuminated camera system with high speed processor programmed and integrated for object detection
  • Two lasers fully integrated with machine vision system
  • Laser lockout unit for maintenance safety
  • PLC controls fully integrated with camera/laser system
  • Photo-eye triggers for lasers directly controlled by PLC

Read the full case study…

Chris Walker Wins Vision System Photo Contest

EPIC’s Chris Walker, won Midwest Optical Systems first ever photo contest. Walker submitted photos of an application where he used several types of polarizing filters to inspect a black bead of material for width, position, and consistency within a cylindrical object. Click to read about the technical specs & application…

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