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Vision Summer/Fall ’13

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Vision Inspection7 Steps to a Successful Surface Inspection

Surface inspection involves the use of angled lighting and smart cameras to accurately detect surface flaws or features, in real time, on objects as they are produced. Machine vision surface inspection can be a challenge due to the nature and variety of the product or object. At EPIC, our vision team recommends the following steps to solve a wide variety of unique surface inspections cases: Read more…

Robot Lettuce Pickers and the Future of Farming

California-based startup Blue River Technology has introduced to the local farming community the concept of Lettuce Bot, a robot that thins a field of lettuce in the time it takes about 20 workers to do the same job by hand. The Lettuce Bot robot uses video cameras and visual-recognition software to identify the heads of lettuce that need to be eliminated, which is done with a squirt of concentrated fertilizer that kills unwanted buds while enriching the soil. Read more…

Encoder Input Can Help a Vision System “Do it Better”

A brief time delay exists between when the part presence sensor detects the part and the image acquisition sensor. This time delay depends upon how far apart the two sensors are and how fast the line is moving. Using a signal system based on distance, rather than time, is one way to “Do it Better” with a vision system for production lines with frequently changing speeds.  An encoder is an electromechanical device that transforms rotational information into a series of pulses to provide output signals based on distance. Ream more…

Vision-Award-2013EPIC Receives the Cognex Partner System Integrator of the Year Award

EPIC Systems, Inc. has been awarded the Cognex Partner System Integrator (PSI) of the Year Award for EPIC’s sales growth in 2012.Dan Nadolny, EPIC’s Machine Vision Group Coordinator, was proud of EPIC’s first place win in the PSI Bookings Growth category. Read more…

Spatial Filters: Helping Cameras “See” It Differently

An easy way to enhance or soften images for a specific use in machine vision systems is by applying various spatial filters. Spatial filters use local information about groups of pixels in an image to re-calculate the value of individual pixels and enhance or soften edges of an image. In machine vision systems, spatial filters can be applied to help the smart camera “see” an image differently. Read more…

Custom Canister Inspection Machine

EPIC designed, built, and integrated an existing production line with a custom machine system to inspect dents on pressurized canisters and increase production rates for a major food and beverage company. This inspection machine included a machine vision system with a 360 degree view. Read Case Study…

What to Consider when Selecting a Camera Lens

One of our vision specialists, Chris Walker, shares his insights on the need for vision integrators to select the correct lens. The information was gathered from his detailed and informative blog. Read more…

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