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Vision Winter ’12/Spring ’13

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Lighting The Way: Eliminating Glare With Light PolarizationMachine Vision News

Nothing is more important to the success of a machine vision project than the lighting. Proper lighting has a great impact on image quality, inspection detail/contrast, and depth of focus. Glare is one of the common problems addressed with lighting. Occasionally glare is a good – for example it can be used to identify the absence or presence of metallic materials. It can also be a challenge – washing out images, causing pixel blooming, or distorting an image. Eliminating glare in these situations is critical. Read more…

Turnkey Machine Vision: Ready To Go

Searching for a product online, punching in your credit card information and then having it delivered doesn’t mean that you know how to use it once it arrives. Machine vision applications often work the same way. The components will only get results once they are tailored to your application. This method may cost more, but the idea is that it will actually work; you are paying for the engineering help, not just the products. Just as purchasing something doesn’t mean you know how to use it, buying machine vision components is not the same thing as buying a solution. Read more…

Top 5 Things To Look For In A Vision Integrator

There are more and more people offering machine vision system integration services each year. With so many companies vying for a share of this rapidly growing market, how do you determine which integrator is best for you? Below are the top five things we think any good machine vision integrator should demonstrate. Read more…

Omniview Vision Technology: A 360 Degree View

EPIC’s machine vision engineers have recently been working with a technology called OmniView from Cognex. Omniview uses four or five stationary cameras to achieve one complete image of 360 degrees of an object. It eliminates the need to spin parts in order to inspect them, and is a less expensive solution in many cases. Read more…

The Perfect Marriage: Vision System Meets Drum Filling Line

A clever machine vision solution allows one manufacturer to fully automate a hands free bulk packaging system for a hot-fill chemical. There are many ways to automate packaging and filling machinery; simple controls, robotic elements, automatic lifts to name a few. But the solution that EPIC was looking for was not simply based on the one parameter of automating the line. We wanted to improve the client’s process, simplifying steps and providing a cost and time effective solution.

Machine Vision App Store?

The App Store from Apple allowed people from all over the world to share applications with each other, creating a database of easily accessibly tools, games and programs for Apple users. It’s that type of flexibility and quick access to pre-created tools that Tordivel is trying to re-create with their machine vision app store. The have launched a commercial machine vision app repository to enable OEMs to build dedicated vision applications. Read more…

High Volume Code Reader

Traditional laser scanners are unreliable when working with a wide variety of code reading applications. Machine vision camera companies understand these issues and have been working to find ways to improve code reading with updated camera technology. Cognex has developed a new machine vision camera that can replace laser scanners with more reliability and durability. Read more…

Laser Illuminated Camera System Improves Detection For Empty Tote Inspection

The client needed to utilize real time package inspection techniques to verify the absence of previous products from totes before filling plastic totes with different products. Read more..

Quick History of Machine Vision

Machine Vision is a branch of computer science that has really grown over the last 20 years to become an important feature of manufacturing. Today machine vision systems provide greater flexibility and further automation options to manufacturer’s, helping to find defects, sort products and complete a number of tasks faster and more efficiently than humans alone ever could. But how did this important and growing technology start? Read more..

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