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Vision Summer/Fall ’12

Five Factors to Consider When Finding a Vision System

Whether inspecting the sanitary packaging of consumable goods to monitoring the sealant in batteries, vision technology is increasingly being used in almost every single manufacturing industry imaginable. Machine vision is used today to accurately control the quality of your final goods, guide your robotic machines or add track-ability to improve your manufacturing process. Take a look at just five of the important factors to consider in your search to find the best machine vision system to meet your needs. Read more..

Machine Vision Achieves Ingredient-Barcode-Lotcode-Verification in a Single Application

This video explains how machine vision inspection achieves ingredient verification, barcode verification, and lotcode verification in one application with read rates up to 300 parts/min.


3D Machine Vision on your iPhone?

3D machine vision technology is certainly not a new concept, but holding it in the palm of your hand is. A new iPhone App allows users to detect patterns of light reflected off a face to build a true 3-D model. Though it’s not quite machine vision, it certainly is the first step in the direction of having machine vision applications on your Smartphone. Read more…

Custom Canister Dent Inspection Machine by EPIC

This custom can-dent inspection machine gets a full 360 degree view of the canister it is inspecting for dents. Utilizing a custom machine vision system that was designed, fabricated and fully integrated with a pre-existing packaging line, this machine uses special lenses to see dents that the human eye cannot, rejecting defective cans further down the line. Read more…

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