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Vision Winter ’10Spring ’11

Machine Vision System Allows for Simultaneous Filling of 55 Gallon Drums

The final line includes a dual camera vision system that allows for a completely hands-free filling process. The set of four drums are unloaded from the truck and placed on the line strapped together. As they move towards the filler, a camera locates the four drums and uses a grid system to locate the general location of each of the openings on top of the drums. A second camera pinpoints the location of both openings on top of the individual drums. Read more..

Machine Vision Market Sees Strong Growth Heading into 2011

Sales of machine vision components and systems in North America rose substantially in the  third quarter 2010. Overall, year-over-year growth hit 68%, up from second quarter 2010 at 60% and first quarter 2010 at 34%, according to the new sales tracking report of the Automated Imaging Association (AIA). Read more..

On the Silly Side: Cookie Monster Sings-a-long to Machine Vision

Cookie Monster hijacked our Flex OCV System.

The Laser Killer: The next wave in barcode scanning technology?

You gotta check this video out; its an action packed thriller, complete with explosions! Cognex DataMan 500 “Laser Killer” barcode reader for the logistics industry.

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