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Industrial MP Winter ’13/Spring ’14

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distillation column 2D designDistillation Column Design Check

How do you successfully design a distillation column? Generally speaking, there are five major steps that have to happen in any industrial distillation column design:

  1. Vapor-liquid equilibrium analysis
  2. Establish column operating objectives
  3. Determine your operating pressure or vacuum conditions
  4. Conduct R/Dmin, Nmin and Feed stage estimation
  5. Determine the diameter and height of the column

Read how to complete each of these steps…

U.S. Manufacturing Exceeds Forecast and Leads to Increased Pilot Plant Production

EPIC Systems had seen an increase in inquires about pilot plant design and manufacturing. Not only has EPIC seen growth in 2013, but the month of August has shown the highest domestic manufacturing levels in over two years. Read more…

Distillation SkidInnovative Distillation Skid Design Enables 91% Ethanol Extraction

A creative two-skid-in-one design allows the client to fit a critical distillation system in a tight plan footprint. A two-part design was developed after the initial visit, allowing the system to be split into two independent skids for installation. The system appears to be one seamless skid when fully installed, but can be separated into two independent parts with a few minor changes. Read more about the skid design and ethanol extraction…

Pilot Plant: Prove Your Technology Fast

The most common type of pilot plant a customer is looking for is a way to prove or upgrade process technology quickly and discretely. They need a solution that doesn’t interrupt current operations, scales-up a new process to a level that has significant outputs, and does it all in the next couple of months. Read how a modular pilot plant is the perfect solution to this problem…

CO2 Distillation SkidAkermin Demonstrates CO2 Capture using Biocatalyst Delivery System

Akermin announces the successful commissioning and testing of its proprietary Biocatalyst Delivery System at the National Carbon Capture Center in Wilsonville, AL. The pilot unit has operated continuously for several weeks capturing close to 90% CO2 from flue gas with significant rate enhancement and no degradation in performance. Read the full press release… or Read the case study…

To learn more about EPIC’s distillation equipment capabilities, visit our distillation equipment page.

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