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Industrial MP Summer/Fall ’13

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Pilot PlantPilot Plant Validates Alternative Energy Technology with Automated Production-Level Testing 

A custom engineered pilot plant was fabricated to convert biomass to liquid fuel. The self-contained process skid tested and validated the production feasibility of a multi-stage separation process. Read the case study…

My Mom, Domestic Process Technologist

There is so much more to making a perfect cake than having the right ingredients. For starters, how much of each ingredient do you need? In what order do you need to add the ingredients? How long do you whip the eggs or stir the batter? What temperature/time combination produces the perfect moistness? These are things JoAnn (my mother) figured out that I have not. Like JoAnn, our clients know their secret recipe.  It’s what we refer to in the business as the process technology. Read more…

Advantages of Modular Infographic

Would you like your process system to be built faster? Or take up less space in your plant? Would you like to shave a month off your project schedule? These are a few of the advantages that modular process system design holds over traditional process design. View the infographic to see more advantages to this modern approach to process design.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment System

Complete Wastewater Treatment

A consumer products company had a process requiring the removal of fats to a municipality wastewater treatment center. The runoff had a high concentration of suspended fats, oils and solids. Recent changes to local government environmental laws created a need for cleaner wastewater treatment to the facility. The company had been paying a fee, but the municipality stricter guidelines would reject wastewater from the facility if the fat content was not drastically reduced. Read the case study…

 Modular Control Buildings Bring Flexibility to Remove Processing Sites

Pressures to reduce staff levels for onsite operations coupled with the increasing sophistication and expense of automation and control equipment have led to growing trend to use modular structures to house and protect sensitive process and automation controls. Modular process control buildings are a flexible solution for providing process automation and control and power distribution to remote industrial sites or oil and gas processing facilities. Read more…
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