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Industrial MP Winter ’12/Spring ’13

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A Stepwise Procedure for Continuous Distillation Column Design

What do successful distillation scale-up projects have in common? Project managers must understand and determine five key design elements for project success. Cost, chemical interactions and equipment needs change in a non-linear fashion as increased output is required. Qualified engineers should consider the following critical steps for distillation column design: Read more…

8 Key Challenges To Pilot Plant Scale-Up

    • Challenge #1: Non-linear Scale-Up – It’s not that easy
    • Challenge #2: Reaction Kinetics – Do you mix well?
    • Challenge #3: Chemical Equilibrium – How fast do you react?
    • Challenge #4: Material Properties – What are you made of?…


And How To Overcome These Challenges: Read more…

True Batch Control System Provides Flexibility For 100+ Evolving Formulations

Chemical mixing systems integrated with intricate multi-stage batch control system, and a high level of communications, for real time changes and continual improvement. Read more…

Front-End Engineering – A Better Approach to Project Design

If you had a batch-mixing system you needed built in the next year, what steps would you take to make that system a reality? It seems logical to start with the system requirements. How else does a system get designed? The problem with starting solely with the system requirements is that it leads down a path where all vendors seem equal, except on price. If every single one of your bidders can deliver the system to your specifications, why should anything but price be a concern? Read more…

Off-Site Modular Pipe-Rack Fabrication Reduces Project Time 50%, Decreases Risks

Project time was cut in half for fabrication of over 3500 total feet of pipe on 800 feet of modular pipe rack. This approach allowed for the removal of field welding at a construction site which has the potential to create hazardous conditions. Read more…

How to Specify the Correct Valve For Your Application:

Specifying the correct valves for a process application is very important, especially because valves are not always rebuild-able or replaceable. Industrial valves have very different requirements than sanitary valves, and there are many types of valves to choose between: ball valves, multi-way valves, butterfly valves, plug valves, knife-gate valves, cryogenic valves, nuclear valves and more. Never assume that just because one valve is the correct fit in a particular situation that it will always work in similar situations with the same sizing or flow or any other parameter. Read more…

The 5 Major Advantages Of Modular Process System Design

Modular design and fabrication is a very specific approach to building process systems and plants. Most often it involves designing the systems into portable skids. These skids are self-contained units which can be stacked or rearranged in different formations to add to or form entire plants. EPIC Modular Process systems advocates the use of modules in process system design, because it delivers the following five major advantages: Read more…

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