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CFAT Anti-Terrorism Law for Chemicals Extended 3 Years

A bipartisan 8-2 vote by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government affairs approved a three-year extension of the CFATS bill authored by Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME). The law, S.473, the Continuing Chemical Facilities Anti-terrorism Security Act of 2011 is meant to help secure the nation’s chemical facilities against terrorist attacks.

VIDEO: Modular Distillation Plant Design, Fabrication and Installation

EPIC Lunch and Learn Series: Flow Meters

EPIC Modular Process hosted a lunch and learn on flow meters to refresh and expand our process engineers knowledge of this key piece of process equipment. Basic flow meter guidelines, basic flow principles, and how to specify different flow meters mainly dP flow meters, volumetric flow meters, and Coriolis flow meters. Read more..

Wastewater Treatment Systems, A Cost Savings Solution

Manufacturer’s face strict regulations on discharge and waste. Non-compliance can lead to expensive fees and operations interference. A wastewater treatment system will help you:

  • Stay in compliance
  • Reduce hauling and off-site treatment costs
  • Eliminate municipal fees
  • Reduce supply costs by recovering production materials out of the waste-stream for re-use
  • Eliminate unnecessary water usage during processing

Read more..

EPIC Lunch and Learn Series: Vacuum Pumps

EPIC presents through this blog post a history of vacuum pumps, the modern types and common uses for vacuum pumps and a summary of the vacuum pump selector guide provided by Tuthill. Read more..

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