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CLIENT SPOTLIGHT: Akermin Awarded $7 Million Carbon Capture Project

It has been announced that Akermin will be providing a carbon capture pilot plant to a wastewater facility in Copenhagen, Denmark. This is a large step forward in commercializing their biocatalyst technology which can remove carbon dioxide from traditional chemical absorption. In 2013 EPIC designed and fabricated a demonstration distillation column for Akermin’s biocatalyst testing program. EPIC is excited for this great opportunity for our friends to further their technology. Read more about their pilot plant that removes C02 from an industrial gas stream…

Must Have Apps for Process Engineers

Being in the field with a laptop to acquire the mechanical properties in a moment’s notice is nothing short of impractical. Although an app is not going to get into the nitty gritty that your computer software is capable of, field tools can help you reach insights quickly or record key information for further analysis. Which engineering apps could make your job easier?

EPIC Delivers Pilot Plant for Development of New Bio-Polymer Technology

two-phase-batch-to-distillation-pilot-plantEPIC recently designed, fabricated, and installed a two-phase batch reactor and distillation pilot plant system for Argo Genesis and Iowa State University. The module is the fruition of a research project to develop a new, more-affordable set of vegetable-oil based polymers. Argo is an agricultural business that focuses on creating environmentally friendly product for crops. The 500 kilogram/day pilot plant will be dedicated on August 26th at the BioCentry Research Farm on the Iowa State University campus. Read more on this process pilot plant…

Designing and Creating the Right Physical System Design

For a modular system to be successful the chemistry being implemented needs to be sound. How your process reacts to scale-up is key in physical design. This must be balanced with cost, practicality and output requirements.  Equipment sizing, material selection, and process controls must all be carefully designed to maximize production while keeping the reaction in check. Explore how EPIC has met these pilot plant design challenges in a few of our past projects.

EPIC is Celebrating 20 Years of Business!

EPIC-20-YearsJoin EPIC to celebrate our 20th Anniversary! Our Tropical, Festive, Happenin’, Uber-Exciting Bash is August 28, 2015 from 11 am – 9 pm! We look forward to celebrating the relationships and people that have grown EPIC to what it is today. Click here to attend the event #20EPICYears

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