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Dicrete Winter ’14/ Spring ’15

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Engineering Team Integrates Complex Automation & Batch Mixing Systems for Multi-Stage Packaging Line detergent-packaging-plant

An existing manufacturing plant requires a new raw material process system, automated bottle filling and packaging line. Adding variables to the equation, a limited amount of space is available for a new process system in a maxed out facility. What are the ways to work through these barriers? Creative module design and project scheduling could one winning combination. Read more…

Three Trends Shaping the Human-Machine Interface

As a whole, the manufacturing industry has become more complex and increasingly automated. This includes the efficacy of human machine interfaces (HMI). With this change in the world market the value of HMI could diminish. Read whole article here…

Automated Manufacturing Machine Unlocks 40% Greater Production Efficiencyautomated-manufacturing-machine

A heavy stone slotting machine typically is a perfect storm of issues and down time. By using pneumatic controls, adjustable fixture heads and a few other clever solutions, a recently designed stone slotting machine found 40% greater production efficiency. Read whole story…

PC-based Controls Take on the Reigning Champ

The programmable logic controller (PLC) and its direct descendant, the programmable automation controller (PAC), have ruled the roost for decades in industrial control applications. But industrial PCs (IPCs) are coming on strong, fueled by advances such as multi-core processing, Ethernet-based I/O and embedded operating systems. Read entire article here…

Duplicating Automated Mixing Systems Achieve Substantial Cost Savingsautomated-mixing-systems

Safety is the number one job of all workers in a manufacturing plant. How do you minimize delays and potential lost profits during a facility upgrade when significant safety concerns exist? A turnkey solution from an integrator can help mitigate the risk of an upgrade through off-site modular design. See whole post here…

Technical Advances Help to Boost Robotics

There is a role greater than simple rote task completion for robots in the manufacturing world. Advances in vision guided application, learning software and robotic design have fond them a foothold in many industries beyond more traditional roles like painting and welding automotive. With these new advances, robots may become a major reasons manufacturing comes back to the U.S. See whole story now…

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