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Discrete Winter ’13/Spring ’14

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system integratorSystem Integrator Tip: When To Automate

Your packing operations are probably somewhere between fully automated and completely manual on the automation scale. Thanks in part to system integrators, automation has become common place for industry. Knowing which processes to automate, at what time, is key to your future success. Read more…

Universal Robots Brings Manufacturing Back to United States

10 Traits of a Custom Machine Engineer
Many people have great ideas, few take the necessary steps to put them into action. What if the person with the great idea doesn’t have the resources to make it a reality?? Should they just give up on their idea? No! They should find a prototype machine developer to help make it a reality. Read more…

Automating Packaging Line Quality Control


Tired of having spilled product because of missing seals or crooked caps? What about missing labels or blistering? How much money are you wasting shipping empty packages or boxes? In the modern manufacturing environment, there are affordable automated packaging line quality control systems that can solve all of these problems. Read more…

Adding Value to a Custom Machine Build through Component Selection

Creating a custom machine from a concept or idea can be a challenging feat. Even more challenging, is creating a custom machine that can be cost effectively reproduced. More often than not someone comes to EPIC with an idea for a machine that they hope, one day, will be implemented on a large scale. What they need is a proof-of-concept machine to validate their process. Read more…

system integrator automates packagingDon’t Let Your System Integrator Hold You Hostage: Do It Better

Can you modify all your automation programs? Do you have the engineering drawings for everything on your manufacturing floor? Unfortunately for most manufacturer’s, the answer to one or both of these questions is “no.” Read more…

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