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Discrete Summer/Fall ’13

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What is the Right Amount of Packaging Automation for Your Line?

How much automation is right for your packaging line? Which processes can you automate for the highest ROI? When is the right time to automate? These can be hard questions to navigate, but an experienced packaging integrator can help you figure out the answers. Read more…

Agricultural Product Processing, Drying & Packaging

Packaging Equipment Guide

Will the packaging conveying system provide good line ergonomics? What are the space limitations in your packaging facility? How much downtime will conveyor installation require? These are a few of the considerations you must balance when choosing a conveying system for your packaging line. Read more…

 Competitive Packaging – US Manufacturing Comeback

The US is on track to be equal in cost with Chinese manufactured imports by 2015 according to a recent article from The Material Handling Institute (MHI). So what is making the US more attractive? Read more…

New Equipment vs. Used Equipment

Looking for the best equipment for your production line, new or used? Use EPIC’s comparison chart to view advantages and drawbacks to both options. View chart…

sheet-metal-blog Keeping it Simple: Cost-effective Sheet Metal Design

Even the best craftsman can only be as accurate as his measuring tape. With the advance of technologies like water-jet cutting, there is now a better way to design custom machines and parts to help craftsmen produce a higher quality machine in less time. Read more…

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