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Counterfeit products are a growing, and dangerous, problem

From fake versions of the drugs Adderall and Avastin to phony designer watches and wedding dresses, counterfeiting is rising fast and is increasingly becoming a safety concern. U.S. Customs and Border Protection says agents seized 24% more shipments of counterfeit goods in the last fiscal year (ended Sept. 30, 2011) than in its previous year. And 325% more counterfeit goods were confiscated from 2002 to 2012 than in the previous decade.

5 Reasons Machine Builders Are Going Modular

Modular design platforms for machines are becoming increasingly popular. With motion control, manufacturer’s can process and package products at high speeds, and switch easily between recipes. Yet, each manufacturer still has unique needs when it comes to handling product. This is where modularization, building and selling machines with optional add-on modules, comes into play.

Mobile Manufacturing: Tablet Takeover

The speed at which we acquire and share information is increasing daily. Consumers across America can access email, check social media profiles and text, all while holding a conversation. Smart phones, tablets and laptops make it easy to share information and to have constant access to it. Manufacturing plant floors are no exception to this trend. While having industrial PC’s or laptops on the factory floor is nothing new, the use of mobile tablets is a new and growing trend.

Insta-Panel Control System: EPIC’s First “Product”

When John Schott, P.E. (President of EPIC Systems) was contemplating what EPIC’s first “product” should be, he began by thinking about his experience working in manufacturing plants around St. Louis, MO. He was looking for something that solved a common problem, but that had few simple solutions.

The New Integration Landscape

Source: Harmonizing Line Integration by Line integration has changed over the years. It’s not just about making several machines work together through controls and mechanical adjustments.  New technologies such as machine vision and robotics have made more possible with less, but have also created new challenges for automation experts.

The Human Element of Automation

Recently, Tube and Pipe Journal published an article called “An Automation Project Is A People Project” which featured an interview of John Schott, President of EPIC Systems, Inc. The article and Mr. Schott emphasize that a project cannot be successful without the people involved. In fact, having the right people involved at the right stage of the project is critical to success.


At EPIC Automation, every practical, beneficial and cost-efficient automation solution we develop is based upon industry research and trends.  Before any design or development takes place, our engineers take the time to research and gain a thorough understanding of the process.  In October of 2011, Bill Lydon, Editor of wrote an article called “PLC vs. DCS – Competing Process Control Philosophy”.

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