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Food packaging safety: A Private Matter Not a Government Regulation

How manufacturer’s have taken responsibility.Call me paranoid if you must, but there certainly seems to be a trend toward increased quality control demands on packaging manufacturers.More specifically, the trend is for private standards rather than legal requirements. Everyone, I exaggerate, is looking at you, kid. Read more…

10 Reasons For Automating Bulk Agricultural Packaging You Can’t Ignore

By 2013 the lawn, garden and agricultural products bulk packaging industry is estimated to have a demand of $240 million. Intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) will be the majority of containers used for high volume transport, partly because they offer lower long-term cost, and higher re-usability and performance advantages.Filling all of these containers with their respective products consumes mass amounts of time and energy, and can present serious risks to workers. Automation of the packaging process will oftentimes relieve many of the risks associated with handling bulk amounts of agricultural products. Which brings us to 10 reasons for automating bulk Ag packaging that you can’t ignore: Read More…

Does Green Manufacturing Start With Lean Manufacturing?

Sustainable has become a coveted buzzword in business and manufacturing circles, even though an exact definition is elusive. There are elements taken from the “green” movement of doing things that are friendly to the environment. It can be seen as one of the principles of the Lean Manufacturing movement—the elimination of waste. It’s a phrase often found in corporate annual reports. But, what is it? Read more

Standup Pouches: Fastest Growing Agricultural Packaging

Demand for lawn, garden and agricultural packaging in the US is forecast to grow 1.8 percent per year through 2013 to $1.7 billion” according to a 2008 report, The US Lawn, Garden & Agricultural Packaging Market. The fastest growing form of packaging in this market? “Pouches, especially stand-up types, will post the fastest gains among all lawn, garden and agricultural packaging due to their superior visual appeal, reclosability and barrier properties. Demand for pouches will come largely at the expense of smaller paper and plastic bags.” So why are these pouches worth investigating? Read More..

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