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Industrial Modular Process News

CLIENT SPOTLIGHT | Akermin Awarded $7 Million Carbon Capture Project

Pilot-Plant-Carbon-CaptureAkermin has announced they will provide a carbon capture pilot plant to a wastewater facility in Copenhagen, Denmark.

EPIC is excited for this great opportunity for our friends to further their technology. Read more about their pilot plant that removes C02 from an industrial gas stream…

Must Have Apps for Process Engineers

Being in the field with a laptop to acquire the mechanical properties in a moment’s notice is impractical. Although an app is not going to get into the nitty gritty that your computer software is capable of, field tools can help you reach insights quickly or record key information for further analysis. Read more to find out which engineering apps could make your job easier.

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Sanitary Modular Process News

Six Key Factors About Continuous Blending Systems

Blending systems are a difficult topic to begin with, but they don’t have to be. Integrators are available to answer common questions to keep you aware of the evolving topics of continuous blending. Click here to find six answers to frequent dosing system questions…

International Food’s New St. Louis $20 Million Plant

A new plant that combines a distribution center with R&D operations has been built by International Food Products at the site of the old Ford Motors Plant in Hazelwood, MO. The new facility includes pre-engineered sanitary blending systems and several semi-automated packaging lines. These modular process systems were designed, built and installed by EPIC.

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Machine Vision Systems News

EPIC Systems Completes Global Vision System Rollouts

global-rollouts-of-vision-systems1Over the course of 2014 and 2015, EPIC has completed several global rollouts of vision systems. Systems have been rolled out to various locations in the US, Europe, Asia, India, Africa, South America, and Central America. These standardized vision systems were tested and designed in domestic client plants, then multiplied and shipped worldwide. Visit our global rollouts page to learn more about these projects.

Fundamentals of 3-D Machine Vision

Machine vision technology has reached widespread acceptance and is commonly used in production floor applications today. Future growth in machine vision will be in 3D applications, with 2D space becoming a thing of the past. Industry systems and components have made 3D imaging the new wave of the future. Continue reading story…

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Process Automation/Packaging Line Integration/Custom Machine News

PLC5 to ControlLogix Conversion

HMI is a resource in the manufacturing industry that is vital to automating production or taking your project to a new level. The PLC5 control platform will be discontinued in 2015. Before long, the parts that you need to maintain your current HMI system will not be readily available.  Converting to ControlLogix is the answer. Read more on ControlLogix…

Automated Pilot Plant Development of New Bio-Piolymer Technology

two-phase-batch-to-distillation-pilot-plantEPIC recently designed, built and automated a two-phase batch reactor and distillation pilot plant system for Argo Genesis and Iowa State University. The module is the fruition of a research project to develop a new, more-affordable set of vegetable-oil based polymers. Argo is an agricultural business that focuses on creating environmentally friendly product for crops. The 500 kilogram/day pilot plant will be dedicated on August 26th at the BioCentry Research Farm on the Iowa State University campus. Read more on this process pilot plant…

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Process Automation/Packaging Line Integration/Custom Machine News

Using Principles of Lean Manufacturing

Is your line as efficient as it could be? Dearborn Mid-West Company walks us through a practical case study of how thinking from a lean perspective during line design results in a more efficient overall system. There are five lean line design areas that can improve work flow, eliminate downtime, and decreases required worker energy for the long haul.

5 Keys to Successful Automation Manufacturing

BMW is known worldwide for their high quality products and lifestyle.  The bar they have set for themselves has put them in the position that has customers sticking to their product for one, two and even three vehicles. But how have they achieved this customer loyalty? One key is their five step automated quality inspection process that is mandated to ensure the product assembly is hitting worldwide standards.

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