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Mechanical Design

A great machine design balances many facets: functionality, cost, speed, safety, ergonomics and easy integration into your facility. EPIC customizes your best solution by combining your needs in those areas with machine automation expertise and a broad range of in-plant experience.

Once a basic design is thoroughly vetted by our custom machine engineers, we team with you to develop the physical designs and outline a project timeline. A project manager will work with our talented machine fabricators to ensure viability and bring your custom machine to life. We start with simple 2D designs and build towards full 3D models, electrical schematics and programming specifications. Some of the more important aspects to physical design are highlighted below:


3D Mechanical Machine Design

3-D mechanical design allows clients to visualize exactly what a new machine will look like and how it will successfully fit into the plant. Ease of transport for installation is included into each machine’s design. Working collaboratively, we develop automated machine design specifications for plant ergonomics and include each parameter in the machine’s mechanical design. All mechanical machine design is executed using 3-D CAD software including:

  • SolidWorks
  • AutoCad Mechanical
  • Cadworx Plant
  • Navisworks

Safety and Simplicity in Mechanical Machine Design

Full consideration is given to operator interaction, efficiency and safety throughout mechanical design. Operator safety is paramount and our machine designs incorporate multiple levels of safe operation including:

  • Proper mechanical guarding
  • E-stop easy access
  • Barriers to unintended actions such as light curtains and dead man control devices
  • Safe time and motion patterns of operators along the production line
  • Safe accessibility to parts and components for machine maintenance

EPIC’s automated machine designers arrange all maintenance intensive parts and components conveniently for easy replacement if the need arises. We provide the proper diligence during mechanical machine design to ensure a robust, trouble-free machine. Placing emphasis on simplicity throughout mechanical design guarantees the workings of your machine are only as complex as they need to be to meet your long-term goals.


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