Frank McCormack | Electrical, Instrumentation & Automation Specialist

Credentials Frank McCormack
Frank received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology (Formerly University of Missouri Rolla) .

  • Professional Engineer in the State of Missouri
  • 30+ years of experience in electrical, instrumentation and automation
  • 25 years of experience in the refining, food grade and chemical industries
  • Principal Engineer at EPIC Systems, Inc. since 2006
  • Paper Published in Chemical Engineering Magazine called “A Better Blend”

Specific Experience

  • PLC and instrumentation controls for process chemical systems including hazardous area applications
  • DCS control systems with PLC/HMI for chemical processes, design of hardware and software including integration with Triconex safety PLC
  • Machine programming for complex assembly systems
  • Hardware definition and design for DeltaV control system for process units in refinery re-instrumentation
  • Grass roots processing facility for electronic grade 200mm silicon wafer production from sawing through polishing
  • PLC and instrumentation controls for process chemical delivery systems, and installation of all process equipment
  • Power and chemical plant heat trace system design reviews and upgrades

Most Challenging Modular Process Project:
Multi-Module Chemical Process System

This project was very elaborate and consisted of six different modules with four interconnecting pipe bridges. Challenges on the electrical and automation side arose because it presented new areas that we had not worked with before:

  • Power distribution using quick disconnect plugs and receptacles
  • Profibus for all IO, intrinsically safe

“We spent time researching and learning about these new areas. In the end we overcame obstacles, expanded our knowledge and completed the project successfully,” said McCormack.

Professional Motivation
McCormack enjoys the fact that he is always learning. Each week he learns something new that can be applied to work or hobbies.  “I am currently learning how to program embedded controllers for some hobby projects, I can see where these learnings could be applied to some systems that we work on,” said McCormack.

About Me
McCormack all around enjoys life and likes to have fun. He says, “Life is too short to be overly serious.” In his free time he enjoys working on hot rods. Currently, he has one running quite nice and it’s a joy to drive, the other patiently awaiting the new drive-train that is sitting on the engine stand. He also likes to spend time with family, work on home projects and volunteer for activities and scout outings.

“I still run with the gang that I went to college with, we have a yearly get together to blow off some steam. We recently built a few iterations of a medieval trebuchet to see how far we could throw bowling balls. Lots of running and breaking it (built on a “budget”), but great memories and bragging rights that it can be seen from Google maps,” said McCormack. Click here to read more & watch a video of the trebuchet in action…

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