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Michael Riehn | Chief Marketing Officer

Marketing, Business Development & Information Technology

Michael W. Riehn received his Bachelor of Science degree with dual emphasis in Business Marketing and Business Management from Southeast Missouri State University.Michael Riehn

  • Chief Marketing Officer at EPIC Systems, in charge of Marketing, Business Development and Information Technology departments
  • Director of Marketing, IT and Business Development at EPIC Systems for 5 years
  • Director of Sales and Marketing at Beckwood Press Company for almost 10 years
  • 2015 EPIC Way Award Winner

Specific Experience
Riehn is responsible for delivering high quality client opportunities to EPIC through online advertising and proactive lead development. He specializes in digital marketing, content editing and website development with an emphasis in managing search engine advertising (SEA) and search engine optimization (SEO) for industrial marketing.

Riehn leads and develops teams of marketing, business development and IT professionals. He is a member of EPIC’s Executive Leadership Group that directs company strategy, execution & policy. He supervises strategic initiatives, lead generation efforts, sales process improvements, prospect follow up & project support.

Riehn analyzes information using advanced data metrics to understand company/ customer trends and guide leadership. He oversees company information technology (IT) improvements and reliability for digital: systems, security and user support.

Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Bing Ads. Experienced in graphic design and desktop publishing: Microsoft Office Suite, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, CorelDraw, Dreamweaver, Aperture, FinalCut Pro, Expression Engine/ WordPress CMS, FinalCut Pro X, CRM, Social Media, Blogging

How does Riehn bring value to EPIC?
Michael’s core responsibilities include driving awareness of EPIC Systems’ services and assisting in overall company strategy and growth. Riehn leads EPIC’s efforts to gain and convert industrial leads through digital and traditional marketing methods.  He is responsible for leading company IT initiatives, digital security protection and employee technology development that provides improved efficiencies.

Professional Motivation
“I am motivated by developing talented professionals, managing projects and completing challenging goals that deliver better leads and benefit people,” said Riehn. I enjoy seeing how our accomplishments make our company stronger and teaming with other groups to help them succeed. My goal is to help EPIC grow, reduce risk and make it a better place to work.

About Me
Riehn enjoys spending time with family and friends. A few of his hobbies include: running, music, playing basketball, fishing, golf and reading. He enjoys being involved in youth sports and is the coach of his sons’ baseball and basketball teams. Riehn’s interests include: advertising, sports, classic movies and new technologies.

Most People Do Not Know
“I love to write and have been published in national industrial trade and sports magazines,” said Riehn.  “I am a former blog writer for a St. Louis Cardinals Baseball themed site.”

Riehn’s Favorite Quote
“Learn like you’re going to live forever. Live like you’re going to die tomorrow.” John Wooden


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