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John Schott | President

John received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Washington University and his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Saint Louis University.

  • Engineering Intern at Procter and Gamble 1977-1980
  • Senior Engineer at Monsanto 1980-1988
  • Sales Engineer at French Gerleman Electric 1988-1992
  • Senior Engineer at John R. Schott, P.E. 1992-1995
  • President/CEO at EPIC Systems, Inc.  1995- Present

Specific Experience

  • Industrial Power and Control Design
  • Process Design
  • Process, Chemical and Mechanical Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Project Estimating
  • Organizational Leadership

How John Schott Brings Value to EPIC
“I used to work for a large corporation. It had tremendous collective capability, but it was burdened with copious red tape and projects moved slowly. Decisions, if/when finally made, were made by a committee after long periods of “polite waffling”. I vowed to run a company that had great capability while remaining amazingly agile,” Schott said.

The EPIC philosophy

  • Only the amount of policies and procedures necessary to effectively run a responsible organization
  • Engineers ‘do engineering’ and are not suffocated by bureaucratic paperwork and unreasonable procedures
  • Everyone knows their responsibilities and “where the buck stops”
  • Employees have authority and responsibility
  • Judgment and honest communication curtail the need for more policies
  • A company that works hard and has fun

“How do I add value to EPIC Systems?  I am the guardian of these founding principles and fight to uphold them through the onslaught of government laws, knee-jerk reactions to undesirable outcomes, the strain caused by healthy growth and the petition for fairness and parity throughout the organization.”

“We have Top Gun caliber managers at EPIC that have been mentored for years to take the reins.  I could disappear for a while if I so chose, and the show would go on.  In the long run however, the real challenge will be maintaining the culture,” Schott believes.

Professional Motivation

  • The challenge of learning yet another process technology
  • The journey…. not just the destination
  • Mentoring talented people
  • Making sure EPIC is continually improving
  • Having style and believing that form doesn’t have to follow function.  The two can be achieved together

About Me
John loves spending time with family and friends, visiting museums and traveling around the world. Schott has an active lifestyle and enjoys bicycle touring, roller blading, motorcycle touring and photography. His favorite music is Rock, Jazz and Blues and he likes listening to live music.

Schott is a community leader and a leading advocate for military outreach programs, including the Marine Corp Business Executive Forum. He volunteers his time to raise awareness and money for numerous causes, including American Manufacturing the USO and St. Mary’s High School.

John is an avid learner, taking classes and attending seminars on a wide range of subjects: from leadership and medicine to art and history. “I also like watching NFL football. I’ve been a Packers fan my entire life and enjoy watching the Rams too,” said Schott.

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