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About EPIC

EPIC Systems Engineer Meets with ClientsSt. Louis-based EPIC Systems is a diversified worldwide manufacturing and service company. We design, integrate, & build solutions for manufacturers; adding value by blending diverse engineering expertise with fabrication capabilities, plant experience and a unique approach. We focus on five primary business platforms:

Founded in 1995, EPIC utilizes a customized design-build approach for the entire project.  Project development includes: concept development, design engineering, integration, automation (process, line, and controls), plant and modular fabrication, construction management and installation, start-up, support and commission.

At EPIC, we work across many industries and have earned a solid reputation for quality, design and value. Today, we are proud to partner with several of the world’s leading manufacturers including: Anheuser Busch, Procter & Gamble, Monsanto, Boeing and Nestle. See below to learn more about EPIC.

EPIC Company History

We were founded in 1995 by John Schott and Matt Quinn as Electrical, Process, Instrumentation and Control (EPIC). From 600 square feet of rented office space, EPIC has grown into national leading supplier of modular process systems, machine vision systems, packaging lines and custom machinery.

Client Testimonials

We actively seek feedback from our clients on their satisfaction after completing a job with us. EPIC is a committed partner in all projects we take on, and we are constantly working to improve. You can see some of our recent feedback on our testimonials page.

Case Studies

We have a wide range of experience at EPIC. Each of our business groups has case studies specific to the applications completed by our expert project managers. Select a specific business group to find a case study similar to your project at hand:

Awards & Recognition

View recent awards EPIC has received:

Industries Served

EPIC is experienced in a wide range of industries for both sanitary and industrial plants, bulk and consumer sized packaging. View the different industries we specialize in by selecting your area of interest… Modular Process | Packaging Line Integration | Machine Vision Systems

Meet the Group Managers

At EPIC, we only hire those who make it happen for our clients and each other. Our team of go-getters is lead by industry experts in their field. Learn about EPIC’s leaders, who are leading the employees at EPIC to success.


Below are some of our past clients. If you have any questions about our experience, past work, or capabilities, please contact us to learn more.


Get Started

Are you ready to get started with your modular process project? Contact an engineer today 314-714-1580. At EPIC you will be put in direct contact with a project engineer who will help you get started...

EPIC Systems, Inc.
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