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The EPIC Difference

EPIC’s ability to complete turnkey modular process, packaging system integration and machine vision system projects makes us stand out from the restEPIC Differnce: Blending Skid with James Owen. We can take your project from the design stage, through fabrication, integration, controls, installation and complete commissioning, in house. This gives us the experience and the knowledge that keeps your project on schedule and at budget. The EPIC Difference includes:

  • Complete Turnkey Projects with in-house completion of:
      • Concept
      • Front End Engineering (FEE)
      • Systems Design
      • Controls Engineering
      • Modular Fabrication
      • System Installation
      • Start-Up & Commissioning
  • Front-End Engineering to ensure that the proper steps are taken during project scope development
  • Plant engineering experience that assists clients to identify needs, pinpoint objectives and provide the most appropriate manufacturing equipment for the application
  • Open door client policy to promote innovation. We invite clients to visit EPIC to experiment with new processes, technologies and techniques that push the limits of traditional engineering.
  • Accountability to responsibly manage our clients’ projects from start-to-finish and beyond.
  • A transfer of knowledge (not just a basic training) for the systems and equipment we provide
  • Single point of direct contact during the entirety of the project
  • State-of-the-art shop which decreases down-time and increases the speed of project completion

EPIC’s turnkey abilities are not the only thing that make us stand out from the competition. Explore some of the other unique aspects of EPIC’s principals and business practices below in our EPIC Difference series:


We understand that complex projects require careful thought and extensive insight to be successful. We also know that our clients work under tremendous stress to meet the bottom line and that time is a scarce resource. We’ve been there, working under the pressures of the plant floor.

EPIC’s engineers use plant engineering experience to help clients first identify needs and pinpoint manufacturing objectives. Many times due to constraints, clients do not have the resources internally to develop a detailed project specification that will guarantee an accurate bid from an outside engineering firm. Our experience allows us to evaluate every circumstance that may impact manufacturing projects and, as a result, we provide for our clients the most comprehensive equipment to fit their needs.


The EPIC-Client Relationship upholds an open door policy for all of our clients. We invite clients to visit EPIC to experiment with new processes, technologies and techniques that push the limits of traditional engineering. We don’t break the rules; we just break through bureaucratic boundaries to uncover innovative solutions to our clients’ problems in ways they may have never thought possible. Additionally, our engineers are accessible via phone and email anytime client needs arise.


Accountability is a word not often used in today’s manufacturing environment, yet it’s taken very seriously at EPIC. We take pride in our ability to responsibly manage our clients’ projects from start-to-finish and beyond. A mutual investment in Front-End Engineering ensures that the proper steps are taken during project scope development, allowing EPIC to take the burdens of project management off of our clients. The result is a seamlessly successful project outcome, truly unique to EPIC Systems.

Client Relationships

A Relationship Built On Mutual Respect

At EPIC Systems, you won’t build a relationship with a sales team. EPIC’s clients work directly alongside practicing engineers. The same engineers who take each manufacturing project from initial concept to complete startup. Our engineers have gained insight from experience and understand that clients may not always know exactly what they want in a complete manufacturing system. We take the necessary time upfront, through Front-End Engineering, to ensure that all mandatory specifications are extracted and understood. We’ll talk through each area of the project with you, using our experience to make the best recommendations to meet your goals. 

Open Door Policy

We encourage our clients to visit EPIC to experiment with new technologies or to see how their project is progressing in our shop. Clients are welcome to come to EPIC to talk through a new concept or simply see what’s new at EPIC. It’s important that we get to know our clients to fully understand them, their business and their manufacturing objectives. 


Our commitment remains to our clients, aiming to develop respectful, mutually beneficial relationships for all parties involved with EPIC Systems. Our project commitments are never jeopardized if and when new opportunities enter our field of view. 

Vendor Relationships

Respected Vendor Neutrality

At EPIC, we maintain strong relationships with our vendors and value the equipment, parts and services they supply. In order to preserve our mission of seeking out the best and most cost-effective components and parts for our clients’ needs, we don’t form strict alliances with contracted vendors.

For every project at EPIC, competitive bids are solicited for the services and supplies required for assembly or fabrication. All RFQ’s are completed anonymously in order to secure the best, non-bias pricing and we match subcontractor size with project size to ensure all supplies are given appropriate attention from the vendor. EPIC has also built solid relationships with freight forwarders for the insured shipment and arrival of our clients’ projects in a safety-focused, timely manner.

The EPIC team is proud to strategically partner with moderately sized suppliers that consider every project key. This allows us to pass additional cost-savings on to our clients. 

People at EPIC

The team at EPIC Systems is comprised of many talented individuals. We pride ourselves in creating an “EPIC Difference” by only hiring the best.  Each Engineer has a unique background in process, controls and mechanical engineering. Our people have an average of 15 years of experience in their respective fields. Because EPIC encompasses more than just engineering, our people are dually focused on relationships to best meet the needs of our clients and fellow team members.

Many of our people have enjoyed a career with EPIC for more than a decade. We’re proud of the people we get to work with everyday and place high priority on employee satisfaction. By the same practices by which we conduct business, it’s important that our people’s needs and expectations are continually being met or exceeded as well. 

Get Started

Are you ready to get started with your modular process project? Contact an engineer today 314-714-1580. At EPIC you will be put in direct contact with a project engineer who will help you get started...

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