New Production Plant for Multistage Chemical Encapsulation

EPIC designed and fabricated the chemical processing portion of a new plant with a multistage chemical encapsulation system. The project was delivered on an expedited timeline with a modular fabrication strategy to reduce production costs.


Project Summary

  • Industry: Speciality Chemical (Industrial)
  • Division: Process Systems
  • Application: Production Plant Expansion, Batch Mixing and Reacting, Encapsulation

System Features

  • A chemical encapsulation system automated through HMIs
  • Sanitary construction for clean-in-place (CIP) operations
  • Utility-generating equipment for air, steam, and (DI) water
  • Ergonomic access for operation and maintenance

Engineering Challenges

  • Executing project on expedited timeline
  • New building upgrades to accommodate a process system and HAZMAT
  • Maximizing module size and capacity while keeping them shippable
  • Integrating client-provided downstream equipment into the module

Project Impact

  • Fully automated chemical processing system delivered
  • Conversion of empty warehouse into a chemical processing facility
  • Ergonomic system accessibility for operations and maintenance personnel
  • Seamless system installation and startup with minimal labor costs

The Epic Solution

EPIC worked with the customer to convert empty warehouse space into a production facility capable of handling an automated multi-step processing system. The system was a multistage batch reaction that produces a micro-encapsulation product.

The system utilized HMIs to fully automate the chemical process.

Sanitary construction was a core feature of EPIC’s solution, ensuring easy clean-in-place (CIP) operations. Utility-generating equipment for air, steam, hot water, chilled water, and DI water was included in the system. FRP grating that accommodated material handling via pallet jack was also necessary.

Ergonomic accessibility for maintenance personnel, as well as customized temperature control units, were core to the system.

The system was fabricated off site and shipped in a series of modules to keep costs down by leveraging shop fabrication rates. The modules were set and connected in the field with on-time delivery and minimal labor, pleasing the client and shortening the overall project timeline.

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