Defect Inspection of Custom Canisters

A custom-built rotary inspection machine was integrated with the client’s packaging line resulting in improved detection rates, faster line speeds, and reduced downtime by identifying dented or otherwise damaged cans.



Project Summary

  • Industry: Food and Beverage
  • Division: Vision Systems
  • Application: Damage and Defect Inspection, Color Inspection, Artwork Inspection

System Features

  • Custom rotary canister inspection machine integrated into existing packaging line
  • Machine vision system with 360-degree view for color verification
  • Custom form factor lighting with collimated lenses on cameras
  • Six overhead cameras for canister inspection during rotation

Engineering Challenges

  • Washing out canister graphics and art for dent inspection
  • Downstream tracking of rejects after exiting inspection machine
  • Full 360-degree dent inspection for all canisters
  • High-speed application

Project Impact

  • Quicker, more accurate detection of surface defects on canisters
  • Reduced number of faulty products and canister explosions
  • Strengthened capping, seals, and overall canister quality
  • Minimized production stoppages such as explosion cleanups

The Epic Solution

A prominent food and beverage producer sought to enhance their production efficiency by eliminating waste, minimizing downtime, and ensuring product quality. Dedicated to excellence, the client partnered with EPIC to design, build, and integrate a machine vision system with their existing production line.

Inspection Stage 1

The collaboration yielded a custom vision system that melds seamlessly into the client’s process flow to inspect for defects on pressurized canisters. Canisters now enter through an in-feed screw, which spaces them correctly into a star-wheel for a thorough examination. An advanced overhead color camera scrutinizes each canister for the presence of varnish on the lip and unwanted debris inside.

Inspection Stage 2

From the star-wheel, cans progress to a meticulously timed rotating plate, which performs a 360-degree evaluation within a mere 180-degree turn. Six overhead cameras and a custom lighting set up then conduct an exhaustive analysis, detecting the slightest imperfection or dent that could halt the rising of the puck – and the production line.

The client’s foresight for a system capable of discerning various dent profiles, no matter how subtle or acute, culminated in a unified inspection process. Defects are identified, eliminating the filling of canisters that will not function properly and cause line stops. This solution not only met the customer’s needs but exceeded their stringent specifications. Through this partnership, the client has redefined their production capabilities demonstrating the power of innovation.

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