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Project and Operation Managers are hampered by reduced workforce, greater workloads and a surplus of low priority projects. Often, you don’t have time to spec each control system feature, and many worthwhile projects are delayed or canceled.  Once a project is completed, you must find time to re-specify similar features on the next assignment.

As automation integrators, we’ve seen these issues first hand.  We have developed a pre-fabricated control system that can help you break through these bottlenecks, often with a system delivered in one day.

What is EPIC's Insta-Panel

What is EPIC’s Insta-Panel? 

Insta-Panel is a standard control box equipped with a flexible HMI for complete installation. It is easy to use and will integrate quickly and completely to your new or existing industrial systems. We’ll lighten your workload and provide a standard resource that can be utilized through a wide variety of projects. 

Insta-Panel's Main Features

Main Features

  • Specifications Pre-Installed: Order a complete control system by purchase order or credit card within ten minutes.  Schematics and specifications are included with one part number
  • Standardize Your Plant: The complete system allows you to install the first standard building block of distributed plant architecture
  • Overnight Delivery Availability:  All orders placed by 1:00 PM CST can be overnight delivered to your plant the next business day

Additional Features

    • Flexibility: Insta-Panel can be applied to virtually any process or machine application
    • Quick Customization: Expandable and customizable to accommodate special input and output requirements
    • Complete Solution: One part number specifies the entire control system
      • NEMA 4 enclosure
      • CompactLogix Processor
      • I/O
      • Operator interface
      • Power supply
    • FAT Testing: Each system is carefully inspected with FAT testing performed on each panel before shipment.

Standard Panel Specifications

Standard Panel Specifications

The standard EPIC Insta-Panel package features an industrial PLC control system with touchscreen interface and room for additional expansion and capacity.  The electrical control panel includes (but is not limited to):

    • Fully engineered, pre-designed, pre-fabricated, fully tested control panel
    • Versatile, multi-function panel can be applied repeatedly throughout a facility for easy plant standardization
    • Simple design for easy installation and maintenance
    • Allen Bradley CompactLogix Controller 1769-L23E-QB FC1B. Other controller options available upon request. View controller manual, View I/O manual
      • Operating range 32° – 140°F
      • 512 KB available memory
      • 1 Ethernet/IP port
      • 1 RS-232 serial port (DF1 or ASCII)
      • 16 DC inputs (10-30V DC, sink/source)
      • 16 DC outputs (24V DC, source)
      • 4 analog inputs (0-10V DC or 0-20 mA DC, differential or single ended, 8 bit resolution)
      • 2 analog outputs(0-10V DC or 0-20 mA DC, single ended, 8 bit resolution)
      • 4 high-speed counters (250 KHz)
    • Pre-installed brackets for easy mounting
    • Optional 1769 expansion modules, up to 3 additional
    • Power supply, 24V DC
    • A weatherproof NEMA 4  enclosure
    • E-Stop push button on front of panel for safety
    • E-Stop relay, Allen-Bradley 700 series
    • Panelview Plus color touch screen HMI on front panel, meeting NEMA 4 rating (211 x 158 mm, resolution: 640 x 480 pixels) View technical manual
    • 6 port Ethernet switch, with additional capacity for up to 4 Ethernet devices (VFD drives, weigh scales, etc…)
    • Wire and terminal labels for easy identification
    • Parts list, electrical schematics, cabinet layout drawings, and PLC/HMI manuals included
    • Battery backup 
    • 120VAC convenience receptacle for laptop plugin, etc.

Optional I/O Cards and Accessories

Optional I/O Cards and Accessories:

Insta-Panel can be customized to fit your needs.  The control box include three I/O cards, as fully installed and wired modules, of any combination of the following:

Discrete Inputs16pt 24V DC sink/source1769-IQ16$250
32pt 24V DC, sink/source1769-IQ32$425
16pt 120VAC1769-IA16$300
Discrete Outputs16 24V DC source1769-OB16$325
32 24V DC source1769-OB32$525
16 120VAC TRIAC output1769-OA16$450
Relay Outputs8 outputs1769-OW8$225
16 outputs1769-OW16$400
Analog Inputs4 inputs, differential or single ended1769-IF4$500
8 inputs, differential or single ended1769-IF8$800
Analog Outputs2 outputs, single ended1769-OF2$500
4 outputs, single ended1769-OF4$750
8 outputs, single ended1769-OF8C$1475
RTD Card6 RTD inputs1769-IR6$1050
Thermocouple Card6 thermocouple inputs1769-IR6$1050

Applications for Insta-Panel Use

Applications For Insta-Panel Use

EPIC Systems has experience automating many types of applications.  Insta-Panel automated control system can be easily upgraded or customized for any of the following purposes:

  • Modular Process Systems
    • Industrial Process Systems
      • Distillation Systems
      • Chemical Process Systems
      • Steam Systems
      • Cooling Systems/ Cooling Water Systems
      • Fuel Delivery Systems
      • Wastewater Treatment Systems
        • Line-of-sight SCADA
    • Sanitary Process Systems
      • Pharma Grade
      • Food Grade
      • Water Systems
      • Purified Water Systems
      • Sanitary Piping Systems
      • Beer Processing
      • Chilled Water Systems
      • CIP Systems
    • Sanitary and Industrial Process Systems
      • Batch Manufacturing Systems
      • Batch Mixing Systems
      • Batch Reactor Systems
      • Coating Systems
      • Continuous Production Systems
      • Heat Transfer Systems
      • Inline Blending Systems
      • Lab Plants
      • Pilot Plants
      • Portable Plants
      • Production Plants
      • Raw Material Systems
      • Tank Farm Systems
    • Production Line Integration
      • Packaging Lines
      • Assembly Lines
      • Conveyor Systems
      • Web Handling Systems
      • Machine Lines
      • Forming Systems
      • Plus more! 

Custom Insta-Panel

Custom Panels

EPIC can customize an Insta-Panel or manufacture a completely new control system through our custom automation process.  Insta-Panel can be easily upgraded for any of the following applications:

    • UL 508 code certified panel
    • NEC (NFPA 70) certified panel
    • All Stainless steel
    • NFPA 79 certified panel
    • Hazardous material classification areas with appropriate air purge system:
      • Bebco X or
      • Bebco Y

For information on our custom automation solutions, please contact an EPIC Engineer today.

Order Today, Install Tomorrow

To order Insta-Panel:

Call 314-714-1575

Payment can be made with credit card or as a P.O. An Insta-Panel from our stock will be shipped overnight to your facility

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