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EPIC Systems Business Groups

Business Groups

EPIC Systems provides turnkey solutions for modular process plants and systems, integrated packaging and assembly lines, custom machinery manufacturing and advanced automation and machine vision system integration. In total, EPIC has five websites. Each representing a different business group. Select the business group you are interested in to be directed to the appropriate site or contact an engineer.

Modular Process SystemsEPIC has modular process system expertise with ingredient delivery systems, batch process systems, continuous process systems, distillation system, piping systems, and utility systems at the pilot and production scale. Click here to visit EPIC’s Modular Process website…

Machine Vision SystemsEPIC Machine Vision designs customized vision systems to meet the needs of individual clients. We offer our clients integrated custom systems for test stations and fully automated solutions. Click here to visit EPIC’s Machine Vision website…

Packaging Line IntegrationEPIC designs, integrates and installs production lines for complete automated packaging systems.  We utilize advanced line evaluation, 3D modeling, integration and automation to transform individual pieces of machinery and equipment into fully functional Packaging Lines. Click here to visit EPIC’s Packaging Line Integration website…

Advanced AutomationEPIC’s automation services provide practical, beneficial and cost-efficient solutions. We offer a wide range of automation services for manufacturing plants from automation design and consulting to programming and platform conversion. View more information about EPIC’s automation services…

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