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What Does EPIC Look For When Hiring?


How do you find the best candidate for technical industries? EPIC Systems, Inc. is constantly looking for the best candidate when hiring, regardless of gender.

Amy Rannebarger, who is new to EPIC’s Human Resources Department, was given the task to strengthen the organization’s recruitment strategies. From a legal perspective, companies must follow a set of determined criteria for hiring. But it’s so much more than the standard criteria set.

Rannebarger wants the best candidate. “We look at hiring the best and brightest within our industry, regardless of gender or race.  The employees at EPIC are typically the superstar from whatever company they came from before.”

She looks thoroughly at a potential candidate from the beginning of the hiring process. “It’s important to make sure the candidates have the skills to do the job and that they fit within the culture of EPIC.”

“It is a matter of chemistry. It is not just the skills – a great amount of chemistry is necessary to successfully acclimate to “The EPIC Way”.  That doesn’t mean that everyone agrees with each other all the time, but we want them to fit together like pieces of a puzzle.”

EPIC is a great place to work adds Rannebarger.

“You are going to find people who want to work hard – not because they have to – but because they want to. And I don’t know too many people who would not be drawn to that, regardless of gender.”

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