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Tim McDonald Wins EPIC’s Fantasy Football League & NCAA Bracket Contest

Tim-McDonald_webTim McDonald has done something no other EPIC employee has done before. By using statistics along with pure luck, he managed to win the EPIC Fantasy Football league and the EPIC NCAA bracket contest in the same year.

When Tim McDonald started working at EPIC 15 years ago he started the EPIC Fantasy Football league that is open to EPIC employees, EPIC clients and friends. This year Tim has won the Fantasy Football league for the second time. His first win was in 2003.The traveling trophy, which was donated by Jim Long with Long Equipment, sits proudly above his desk so everyone can see it.

Fantasy Football Trophy Winners:

2012 Tim McDonald

2011 James Long

2010 James & Hayden Long

2009 In Memory of David Long

2008 James & Hayden Long

2007 James Owen

2006 James & Hayden Long

2005 Doug Simpson

2004 Doug Simpson

2003 Tim McDonald

2002 Ron Buss

2001 James Owen

2000 Doug Simpson

1999 Jim Long

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