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Video | Angela Schwartz Wins EPIC Way Award

Angela Schwartz: I was sitting there thinking, “Whose wife is pregnant?” I just couldn’t think who it might be. Then, when John took off the hood and I saw it was my husband, all I could think was “How did they get him to wear that!” I probably sat there and wondered what had possessed him for a solid minute before I realized that I had won! I told my husband later that I never would have worn that ridiculous costume if the roles had been reversed..I still can’t believe he wore it!

I can’t believe that I won. I keep staring at the award, waiting for my name to disappear. I am shocked that I won. It’s just such a big honor.

EPIC Way AwardJohn Schott (President of EPIC Systems): I can’t say enough about how Angela exemplifies the type of person we want at EPIC and the values the company was founded on. She does the right thing, even when no one is watching. Nothing is beneath her; she is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done right.

Angela is just a good person. She cares about other people, and she does things outside of what is required by her job to make the atmosphere at EPIC a positive one. It still cracks me up that she told Floyd (Angela’s husband) the week before she would never win. That just goes to show how humble she really is.

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