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President’s Corner: How to Behave and Why

epic--0942-v2In an age where the business world has become increasingly complex commercially, it’s easy to forget how to treat everyone properly. There are two schools of thought when it comes to relationships between companies. The first is Conventional Wisdom and the second is EPIC Wisdom.

Conventional Wisdom is based upon the belief that clients are of the most importance while employees and suppliers are lesser beings further down the food chain. Sadly, it’s how most companies conduct business.








EPIC Wisdom is founded on the belief that our clients, our management, our employees and our suppliers are all peers. Our long term success can only result from their success.




When a client does not view us as a peer dedicated to their success, it usually does not result in a good long term Win-Win relationship. Enduring success, whether in business or other aspects of life, is based upon treating people with the respect we would like to have from others. Dale Carnegie once said “Give a man a great reputation to live up to and he will challenge himself to exceed your expectations”. The next time you’re faced with a tough commercial business decision, just follow one simple rule, The Golden Rule (Treat others the way you wish to be treated). An excellent treatment of this subject can be found in the following book. Good for children eight to eighty. You may purchase it at Amazon by clicking the link.


John R. Schott, P.E.

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