A Machine Partner in the Pre-Production Phase

by | EPIC Systems, Inc

In a special report by Adam Bluestein and Amy Barrett in a recent Inc. article, the two explore what it will take to create more manufacturers in America. According to the article, many people in the U.S. have the creative ideas and innovative drive to make tangible items but what they’re lacking is the essential machine programming skills, knowledge of machinery integration and processes that are critical to successful production-scale manufacturing operations.

A shop located in California is changing all of this by helping entrepreneurs to get started. TechShop helps start-ups explore how to actually make the products they envision before they’re even close to launching full-scale production levels. Once products become a small-scale reality, companies like EPIC Systems have the capability to help start-up manufacturers discover the next phase of integrated, custom machinery and complete production lines that can get them fully up and running on an efficient production scale that fits within their budget. Check out this article, we think they’re on to something…

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